Monday Night Supper Club: While Dan’s Away On Vacation, The Club Heads To Parkerhouse!

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Guest blog post written by Jacqueline Tyler (Dan was on vacation during our outing in August!)

Firstly, I would like to advise that if you’re reading this Monday Night Supper Club post for a high-quality food review with endless details on ingredients and flavour combinatios, you will be disappointed. I’m neither a ‘foodie’ nor a ‘food writer’. (Dan talking here - Yes, she is a foodie!)

What I am is a girl who’s addicted to all things Calgary (affectionately abbreviated to #YYC) and everything local that makes it great. (myself, pictured left, with Mealan)

The more I explore in this city, the more I want to delve deeper into its fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle scene (and this includes local food). I’m committed to contributing my time and energy into any and all platforms that support local talent (and this includes showcasing our city’s finest chefs).  What I like about this supper club is watching how ‘food’ has the ability to bring people together, stir conversation and compose local experiences (memories).  I have a thing for experiences.

Ask yourself this: What’s your fondest memory of spending time with friends and family? Most can contest different experiences that include food.  One of my favorite ‘food experiences’ was dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower. I remember every tiny detail of that meal and night- the people I was with, the conversation I had, the menu, the wine….everything. (Chelsea W and Tym, pictured left with our fantastic waiter!)

Food, it’s a powerful thing.

I think there’s something to be said about a group of professionals meeting on Twitter where most have little to no background in culinary, but are solely passionate about eating up Calgary’s food culture. (Jamie and Tilly, pictured right)

No matter how weird and wonderful…sitting over candlelight next to people you’re meeting for the first time at a local restaurant or sweating bullets trying to come up with a recipe to impress at a potluck dinner party, I dare you to consider the uncomfortable.  There are plenty of amazing experiences to be had in this city. After all, you have chosen to live here, so why not live/eat it up?!

It’s because of the lovely invite from Colter Smith at Parkerhouse that this Monday Night Supper Club was able to visit the little undiscovered gem where ‘fine dining’ meets comfortable class.  Located in the historic and beautiful Lougheed Block, the little New England black and white sidewalk tiles will surely invite you in. I’m one for decor and this place was absolutely gorgeous- especially our private dining room located downstairs. 

We received a special four course tasting with wine pairing for $20 and then some of us ordered delicious mains off of the menu. The service was phenomenal and so was their attention to detail in the way they romanced each course.  This was a very special treat for us MNSC-ers and some say one of the best yet (sorry Dan) my cheeks still hurt the following day from all our giggles. I would most certainly go back and I highly recommend you try out Parkerhouse real soon too.  Thank you for having us!


A tartar trio: Bison, beef, tuna.

Snapper with pickled peppers and hickory foam.

Dave and Jamie laughing about something that’s apparently quite funny…

Pork belly tasting dish. Yum!

Mealan and Rob. Cute couple?

Espresso chocolate truffle with macerated blackberries.

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  • Karen September 7, 2011 at 11:23 am

    This sounds like fun. Now that I’m back in Calgary, I’ll have to come to one!

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