Top Chef Canada: Season Three Premiere and I’m ‘Taking The Challenge Home’ Again!

Top Chef Canada

Finally, it’s back! Monday nights are about to get way more exciting once Top Chef Canada, Season Three kicks off on March 18th on Food Network Canada. This new season is especially exciting for myself, being a Calgarian, as our city has an extra strong contingent, with record number of three competitors on the show. Yeah, that’s right, look out Toronto!

First things first, I chatted with a couple of my favourite Top Chef Canada alumni to see what they were looking forward to seeing on the third season.

Trevor Bird, season two finalist, “I’m excited to see the challenges and what [this season's] talent has to offer. I want to know what I’ll have to go up against in Top Chef Canada: All Stars! Ha, ha, ha.”

Dale McKay, season one winner, “I can’t wait to see all the new chefs and what kind of challenges and time restraints they will all be under this season. Let’s hope for some exciting guest judges in season three!”

Dan and Dale cookingThe return of show brings with it my coinciding Food Network Canada online series, Top Chef Canada: Taking The Challenge Home for a second round.

A quick refresher, after every episode of Top Chef Canada, viewers will be able to go to FoodNetwork.ca and vote in a poll to help decide which dish from that week’s episode I will have to recreate at home. Once the poll closes, I’ll have a few days to figure out how to assemble the dish, all on my own.

Chicken Noodle Soup TerrineLast year, people tended to vote for the weird stuff, so I had the pleasure of making duck liver ice cream, pig’s ear salad, chicken noodle soup terrine (pictured), among other delectables.

I can’t wait to see what people vote for this time around, so stay tuned for more details on when all the voting fun begins!

Anyway, back to the show…I’m excited to watch sixteen new cheftestants navigate their way through weeks of intense cook-offs and challenges and, it goes without saying, I’ll definitely be rooting for the Calgary folks! So, here they are…


Nicole Kammerer

Nicole Kammerer

First up, a lovely lady in Calgary’s culinary world, caterer Nicole Kammerer! Originally trained in fine dining, Nicole is known for her creative dishes she produces with her namesake company, Nicole Gourmet.

Season two arguably lacked a strong female chef personality in the competition. I’m sure Nicole is going to step up to the plate this season and kick some ass in the kitchen.

On applying to be on Top Chef Canada: I was going to apply last year, but it wasn’t the right time, but I’ve always wanted to. I just thought it would be fun…I have the skill level to pull off anything that I’ve watched [on the show] in the past. My personality is insane in the kitchen, so I thought: “Why wouldn’t I do this?”

You can follow her on twitter at @nicolegourmet.


Chris ShaftenChris Shaften

I had never met Chris before finding out about his participation on the show. Shaften has previously worked as the executive chef of Farm on 17th Avenue, as well as at The Ranche.

He recently launched his own private chef/consulting company, Taste First and is currently helping to open a new restaurant concept in Mission.

On arriving at the first day of filming for the series: It was pretty nerve-racking, but I was excited to cook and I was excited to be given the opportunity to showcase myself. It’s part of [my] five year plan. Get on Top Chef, get publicity, get investors, get a first restaurant…


Geoff RogersGeoff Rogers

Last, but not least, we have Geoff Rogers. I am excited to watch my friend on television showing the other contestants how it’s done! I have no doubt Geoff’s passionate personality will shine through on the series. I just hope he doesn’t swear too much..Ha, ha, ha. Anyway…

Geoff’s had a busy past few months after taking on the role of executive chef at the brand new MARKET, but with the Top Chef Canada buzz around the Calgary competitors, he’s bound to get even busier this spring!

On the types of  challenges viewers will see him compete in during the season…Anybody can be watching Top Chef, sitting on the couch and say “Oh, I would have done this instead.”, but when you’re taken out of your comfort zone, put somewhere where you have no idea what’s around you, unfamiliar equipment and what not…Yeah, it’s insanely hard!

You can follow him on twitter at @chef_rogers.


Season Three of Top Chef Canada premieres Monday, March 18th on Food Network Canada. Check out TopChefCanada.ca for full information on the series, contestants, judges, recipes and more!


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