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Cherry and Red Onion Relish

Cherry relish recipe

Now that it’s getting all snow-melty and sunny outside, I see a lot more barbecued dinners in my future. Whether it’s burgers, hotdogs or some ribs, food just seems to taste better when it’s grilled. This relish is nice, bright and tart. It would go beautifully with some blue cheese on a burger or just dolloped on top of some pork tenderloin. It also only takes 15 minutes to make too, so we’re basically winning at life here.

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Coconut Tandoori White Beans

Coconut Tandoori Beans

I’ve had a variety of beans sitting in my pantry for quite awhile. For way too long, in fact. I’m ashamed! So, this past weekend, I decided it was time to do something about it. It seems like the weather is finally starting to warm up a touch, but a few days ago, a big bowl of this Indian-inspired dish hit the spot perfectly as I sat by my kitchen window shivering in anticipation of having to leave my house at some point in the evening.

This is definitely a perfect vegetarian dish for the winter, but filling for more carnivorous appetites too. Hell, even throw in 4 cups of a soup stock of your choosing to this and you have a warming soup too. I love multi-purpose recipes!

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Coconut and Acorn Squash Bisque

Coconut and Acorn Squash Bisque

I know it’s so predictable to put winter squash in a soup, but who are we kidding here? It is soup season and it’s been pretty damn cold outside this week! Everyone should keep some Thai curry paste in their refrigerators. It adds a warming spice to so many savoury dishes and especially a soup like this!

You can find another squash soup recipe from myself in this issue of Culinaire Magazine. Check it out!

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The Canadian Food Experience: Pickled Cranberries

Pickled Cranberries

As you probably know, I’ve been taking part in The Canadian Food Experience project that was started back in June by The Canadian Foodie. The point of the project is to share our connections to food in Canada (regional and not) over the course of a year. Appropriate for this time of year, the theme for October was preserving.

Since I am but a bachelor, I don’t invest the time in large patches of pickling or preserving. That being said, I have happily lived off of family members’ pickled carrots, jams, jellies et al for years and years. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a good pickled carrot? Although, I’m sure one day I will embrace the large patch preparation of these delicious goods, but, until then, I will stick to quick pickling.

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Shallot and Blueberry Sauce, Eat North and a KitchenAid Giveaway (who doesn’t like winning stuff?)

Blueberry and Shallot Sauce

Do you like the picture? I am channeling my inner hipster (ok, maybe not so inner) lately apparently…I think I was just getting sick of taking pictures of cute things in bowls, time to switch it up a little bit. Not to worry, I’ll likely be back to pictures of bowled items in a week or so.

Moving on, I have an unusual amount of news to share today! First up, let’s talk about Eat North!

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Raspberry and Black Pepper Compote

Raspberry and Whiskey Compote

When I was visiting Saskatoon in late August, I took full advantage of my mother’s raspberries bushes, bursting with berries, and picked them until they were almost completely naked. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to pillage the fruit so intensely, but my parents were at work and it was my last morning in the prairie city before heading back to Calgary, so I took my chances.

Besides, I’m almost 30 now, so I can’t get grounded anymore, right? This sauce is a great compliment to grilled pork or chicken. So, if you’re still fortunate to have some barbecue friendly weather, have at ‘er!

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