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8 Recent Food Moments Worth Capturing On Instagram

Sometimes it really frightens me just how many images of food I have on my phone. Granted, it just sort of comes with the territory, but between snapping photos, socialising while out for dinner and, dare I say, actually eating what’s on my plate, sometimes different moments don’t get the full explanation they deserve. Especially if you don’t have Instagram (blasphemy!) and can’t see what’s going through my stream.

In no particular order, here are 8 pictures I’ve shared on Instagram over the past few months that, when looking back, have been especially memorable for myself…

Stacked Broccoli at Calgary Co-op’s Downtown Marketplace

Stacked broccoli at Calgary Co-op

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Las Palapas-My Tropical Getaway in Saskatoon

Fill in the blank: You find great Mexican food in _________. Would you be surprised if I said Saskatoon? Well, be surprised then, because I am saying Saskatoon. A couple blocks off the busy sidewalks of Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon lies a true gem of Mexican cuisine. Las Palapas Resort Grill will immediately remind you of a Mexican cantina. Everything from the colour of the interior to the 2 palm leave umbrellas on their patio. Palapa translates to ‘a thatched roof made from palm leaves,’ hence the name, Las Palapas. So, don’t say you didn’t learn anything today!

Almost every time I make a trip to Saskatoon I try to stop by here for lunch. Sitting on the patio on a sunny afternoon will definitely make you reminisce of your last tropical vacation. I recommend sipping on a Dos Equis beer, as it will help you visualize the surrounding tropics! My favorite thing to order on their extensive menu are the Mariscos Enchiladas. They are stuffed until plump with shrimp and crab, and smothered in their home-made enchilada sauce, cheese, and creme fraiche, or as they say crema fresca. Served on the side is a Bean Salad Criollo, with chick peas, beans and tons of cilantro, it’s a nice ‘yin’ to the enchilada ‘yang.’ My lunch-date decided to go with the Baja Fish Tacos with fresh soft tortillas, fried fish, cabbage and radish cream sauce, topped with fresh home-made salsa. Needless to say, we feasted!

Next time I’m back in the city I am going to try out their Pozole…

To read the rest of this article and to see some more great photos head to Food Network Canada’s site here!

Las Palapas Resort Grill on Urbanspoon


Flint Sparks Up Saskatoon!

When a person hears ‘Saskatoon’ what kind of imagery comes to mind? Is it visions of a bustling downtown scene with martini-sipping, olive-biting trendsetters of this new decade? Or perhaps a lonely tumbleweed on flatlands slowly making its way inot the sunset? Probably the latter, which is why I am writing this post. This city has much more than berries to offer you in the evening; it has Flint.

One of the unique things about Flint is its simple yet variable food menu. The establishment boasts a sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ charcuterie board menu. Partnering with a local specialty cheese & meat supplier/shop, The Bulk Cheese Warehouse, the lounge offers an array of options to make your board exactly how you want it!  Choosing my ‘own’ adventure in the charcuterie world, I opted for a plate consisting of schinenspeck (German-style smoked bacon), tomme de savoie cheese, breemster cheese (aged gouda), sundried tomato tapenade, locally-made mustard relish, and pickles, accompanied by a hermit loaf to serve as a blank canvas for all possible combinations. I chose the ‘Berry Saskatoon’ martini to drink while enjoying the food (when in Rome, right?)…this piece is featured on the Food Network Canada website. To read the rest of it, click here!

Flint on Urbanspoon

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