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Taryn Manning

It’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these. Now that it’s finally starting to get warmer outside (is it really though?), it’s nice to listen to some upbeat tempo kind of stuff. Taryn Manning is a muscian, but also a little bit of a jack of all trades. Singer/Actress/DJ/Designer/all-round cool chick.

She more or less came on the acting scene when she had a spot on Boston Public (remember that show? It was awesome!), and you might remember her from the films 8 Mile or Crossroads (*cough*), and most recently on the TV series Hawaii 5-o.

On the music side of things, she came out in the early 2000s with a band called Boomkat, comprised of herself and her brother. They released two albums, and now Taryn is going solo. She has a new single entitled ‘Turn it up!’. It’s definitely, ‘the roll down your windows and crank the volume’ kind of a song. When we’ll be able to roll down our windows and enjoy the sunshine in Calgary, though, is another question!

The single ‘Turn it up!’ is currently available as a free download off her website. Grab it while it’s hot folks!

Finally, she is most definitely on Twitter. She’s a sweetheart, give her a follow! @tarynmanning



This awesome little biscuit of musical goodness came across my work desk last week so I thought I would share this talented musician with you all.

Manuela is a singer-songwriter based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She definitely falls under my own personal category of ‘how have I not heard of you before?’. Her jazz/pop vibe is definitely the kind of thing that will put a spring in your step while you’re walking down the street. It’s also fantastic for montages.

She has an EP available for purchase on iTunes, so definitely go and check it out. Support Canadian talent!

If you want to preview some of her songs, head on over to her website!

Naturally, you can give her a follow on Twitter too: @themanuela



If you can’t quite put your finger on who Robyn is, then think back to the late 1990s. She was a pop starlet with a few hit songs, ‘Show me Love’ may ring a bell? Anyway, her resurgence into the music scene came in the late 2000s with some ridiculously catchy electro-pop/dance music.

Now, with her own record company, Konichiwa Records, she calls all the shots on her music and the result is a sound that puts her into a category all her own.

Her most recent series of releases, Body Talk parts 1, 2, and 3, were well-received and, more or less, brought her back into the pop spotlight in North America. Check out Rolling Stone’s review of Body Talk here! If you’re able to catch her on tour, you will not be disappointed. She rocks the stage like it’s going out of style.

Head over to her website to read some more about Robyn and to listen to some tunes.

Of course, she’s on twitter too! @robynkonichiwa


The Balconies

Brothers and sisters don’t always get along (speaking from personal experience), but in this case, I must admit, it all turned out pretty swell…The Balconies are an indie pop/rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario. I first came across their music about a year ago and haven’t stopped listening since.

The band is fronted by Jacquie Neville (sister), with Stephen Neville (brother) as co-lead vocalist. Last, but not least, there’s Liam Jaeger on the drums (boyfriend…to the sister, not the brother) and you’ve got a lovely sound that your iTunes top 25 will welcome with open arms! I promise.

Their self-titled album is available on iTunes now, so download it today and support some great Canadian talent.

Hear some of their music here!

Twitter: @thebalconies


Amy Thiessen

This Calgary-based musician wowed me the moment I heard her sing an acoustic version of TLC’s Waterfalls at Higher Ground back in September, 2010 (trust me, it was totally, utterly amazing. She even did the rap part!).

Her debut album, Give Up The Fight, is available for purchase through her website. Buy it, love it, but let it be known, that she is currently in the process of remastering the album for an official release. It’s pretty damn good already, which begs the question: What happens when you re-work something great? Probably something awesome!

Check out Amy’s website:

And tell her to get Twitter while you”re at it…(insert Twitter name here…)



Got soul? Well Adele does…in spades. This UK-based musician has a voice to be reckoned with. Her debut album, 19, came out in 2009, and with it the hit single Chasing Pavements (catchy little tune, right?). If you like the Amy Winehouse/Duffy kind of vibe to your music then Adele is definitely for you.

Her newest single Rolling in the Deep was released a couple weeks ago, and her sophomore album, 21, (album titles could use a bit more imagination though…) is slated for a February, 2011 release.

For more on her, head over to

Adele’s official Twitter: @officialadele

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