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Action Affirmative Twitter – Find the Updates

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States made history when they issued their landmark decision regarding affirmative action policies in college admissions – this global ruling on affirmative action policies was unprecedented in American legal history.

On Thursday, June 29th the Supreme Court handed down its verdict regarding affirmative action policies used at Harvard and UNC universities for students who identified themselves as Black, Asian American, Latino or Indigenous – policies widely seen as beneficial by these universities.

Five conservative justices supported this ruling: Clarence Thomas (Chairman of the Court), Amy Coney Barrett (Assistant Justice), Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch; three liberal justices disagreed with it – Sonia Sotomayor wrote separately for North Carolina University while Elena Kagan opposed it as well as Ketanji brown Jackson who also cast their votes in support.

What Is Affirmative Action (AA)? Affirmative action refers to programs or policies intended to eliminate inequalities experienced by certain groups due to race, gender or ethnicity and ensure equal access to education and employment for everyone involved.

Positive action or discrimination, depending on its context, refers to policies implemented by institutions which take proactive measures against systemic racism while encouraging diversity and inclusivity. Many universities have long taken such actions by offering financial aid and support services specifically targeted towards students from marginalized backgrounds.

Reactions to Verdict Announced by Court
Leaders Voice Opinions
The ruling of the court has drawn considerable controversy, leading former presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden to express their thoughts about affirmative action policies through Twitter. Obama explained how affirmative action may not always provide equal access for deserving students all at the same time; nevertheless it still plays an essential role. He stressed the significance of opening doors for youth.

Biden expressed his displeasure with the verdict and stressed the significance of diversity as part of our nation’s strength.

Liberal Justices Disapprove
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson – the first Black woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court – called this ruling a tragedy for us all and Justice Sonia Sotomayor read aloud her disapproval during court proceedings.

Public Support and Opposition
Many were outraged at this decision; others welcomed its end as it eliminated race-based admission policies. Some students believe merit-based admissions policies take socioeconomic backgrounds into consideration more carefully instead.

Former president Donald Trump applauded this decision as being an historic achievement for America.

Experts predict this ruling could result in less diversity within medical and nursing schools, decreasing access to culturally competent, equitable healthcare for patients from diverse backgrounds.

Conclusion of article (from Wikipedia):

The Supreme Court’s affirmative action landmark ruling has generated global discussion, sparking social media discussions on Reddit and Twitter alike as it comes into effect. But its true effects remain to be seen when applied in higher education institutions across America.


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