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Andrew Tate Opens up on $125,000,000 Worth Charity Feeding Children in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and More

Andrew Tate , a former kickboxer, is a controversial figure on social media. The fighter has been very vocal on Twitter since his house arrest. Andrew was interviewed and featured on podcasts and interviews before the allegations of human trafficking and a sexual assault. His arrest has prevented him from making several media appearances. Tate’s first BBC interview was conducted in recent years.

The interview was not amicable, as it was combative throughout. Conversations became more heated as the interviewer brought up the alleged charity that Tate had performed. Tate was hostile to the interviewer because he asked him certain questions. The first interview the ex-kickboxer had since his arrest was not successful as they seemed to dislike each other.

Andrew Tate replied, “I have been doing charity work since over five years.“. “I spend 25 million dollars a year on feeding children. In Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, there are male and female children. “And, I’m the worst man on the planet because four years ago I made a sarcastic remark?” asked Cobra. The Interview rebutted this by hinting that his charity work was a scapegoat to cover up for his controversial past statements. Tate responded immediately to these allegations.

“I’ve done charity work all my life, so it was obvious that this was incorrect.” I can prove that I’ve done charity work for all my life. So, you’re wrong. Tate, who is known for his charitable activities, said: “I’m always doing good in the World. That’s what I’m trying.” According to his statement, Tate spent $125,000,000 on charity in the past five years.

Andrew Tate went after BBC interviewer for misogyny claims

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate’s misogynistic remarks on social media are often acknowledged. The interviewer of an interview pressed Tate on his claims about sexist behavior. Tate became hostile towards the reporter.

Andrew Tate said, ” Let’s tell you something [the interviewer]: I’m certain you’re an extremely nice person,.” Andrew Tate continued: “But if I took everything you said online out of context and only looked at small things, I could make you appear to be a misogynist. I promise it. I may actually do that. You’ll sit there and say, “Oh s ***! I’m a misogynist. “My clips were taken out-of-context ,'”, said the’TOP G ‘.

Andrew Tate is a controversial figure. The former fighter was accused of homophobia, misogyny and transphobia.


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