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Announcement of GTA Online – San Andreas Mercenaries as Summer Update for 2023

Grand Theft Auto, which was released a decade back, has been a big hit. GTA Online hasn’t died yet thanks to ongoing fixes and upgrades. Constant updates online have kept the GTA Online game alive, adding new missions, heists and races. The next update in the series will be explosive. It’s quite literally explosive. Rockstar Games is releasing the next GTA Online titled San Andreas Mercenaries on 13 June.

Charlie Reed, one of the most prominent NPCs in the game will be the focus of this new update. The players will be embarking on a quest to battle the corrupted Merryweather Security. Players will also be joining the Renegade Outfit to fight Merryweather and similar villains. This update will give players the opportunity to participate in events on all three areas of the game, namely land, air and water.

GTA Online is now more than 10 years old. The hype continues to grow. Rockstar Games keeps the game updates rolling. Each DLC update has been available for free. Players can’t expect more. Fans are eagerly awaiting GTA 6, the latest instalment of the series. However, they could do with another DLC update for the time being.

GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries

Players can now take on the role as mercenaries in the latest GTA Online update and fight against Merryweather Security. Update includes new missions, weapons, vehicles and improvements to the quality of life. GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries is a new update that introduces new features and enhancements. The new mercenary job allows players to accept contracts from Merryweather Security, an corrupt private military firm. These contracts can be completed by players to earn money and reputation.

This update contains some new features:

  • New Character: Charlie Reed is an expert aircraft mechanic, pilot and engineer.
  • New Missions in Los Santos
  • Mammoth Avenger : New upgrades include an Operations Terminal and Weapons System. It can also be customized or stored in the Hanger.
  • Bonus: You can still access the Avenger if you don’t have a Hangar.
  • New Weapon: Introducing The New Tactical SMG
  • New events added to the map

This new update will bring with it:

  • You can call Mors Mutual Insurance to claim all of your destroyed vehicles.
  • In the Settings Menu, you can select a different sprint control (hold to sprint).
  • Create customized description tags for garages so you can easily find your favorite vehicles.
  • Taxi Liveries can be used to make the Willard Eudora or Albany Classique Broadway Taxi Work Eligible.
  • The Creator has been updated to include additional props, weather options and snow.

There may also be new possible changes:

  • Dodge Charger EV – A new car.
  • New SUV Based on Mitsubishi Pajero
  • The F-35 Lightning is the basis for a new aircraft.

S, Xbox One, and PC will have access to San Andreas Mercenaries in GTA Online starting on June 13. GTA Online is known for releasing huge updates. This is one of those. This update will be just as large as the Cayo perico Heist, as it would cover the entire map. This update is a big hit with players, and will be available soon.


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