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Pizza pans are not really a common purchase for most because not everyone has the time and energy to concoct their own homemade pizza. But, little did they know that the enjoyable and beautiful things in life include homemade pizza fresh from your ovens.

Though the name may be deceiving, pizza pans are actually a good purchase because of its versatility. But, this could also be used to roast your veggies, press your meats, cook-off your frozen foods, and more.

When making your pizzas, its results do not only depend on your techniques and recipes, but it also depends on your pizza pan. To have your pizzas done right, you should really get a top-quality pizza pan that does the job right for you.

Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

For creating the ideal crispy crusts that you want, you need a trusty pan that will do justice. This Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan is the way to go to create your perfect crispy crusts.

This could be pretty hefty for some as this weighs at 11 pounds. Also, you might think twice about buying such a large and quite heavy pan because this may have an off-balance or this could topple off.

Worry not though because though heavy, this has side-loop handles for ease in maneuverability. Moreover, because of its 14-inch diameter, you can cook your large round pizzas with this pan.

This is made from cast iron, justifying its weight. Other than its durability, cast irons are also known for adding a deeper and richer flavor to your crust and the pizza itself.

This can ensure crispness and crunchiness with your crusts because it heats evenly. Moreover, this also doesn’t stain your pizza pie and also your oven.

For cleaning and maintaining, you just have to wait for the pan to cool down. Thereafter, you can just normally wash it with water and dry it thoroughly.

Cast irons are known for being pre-seasoned, hence, you are assured that your pizza doesn’t stick on the pan. Moreover, its nonstick quality is basically free from any harmful chemicals that might leak into your food.


  • Suitable for ovens, grills, or any open fire
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Relatively heavy for some
  • Some users have said that handwashing is better recommended than dishwashing because it can rust quickly.

OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan

OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan

A commercial-grade, heavy-gauge aluminized steel is a good option for a pizza pan. This OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan allows fast and even heat distribution to create your perfect pizza.

This pan is swiss-engineered Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which makes it non-stick and also imposes outstanding corrosion protection. Moreover, this is also scratch-, stain-, and abrasion-resistant because of its two-layer non-stick coating.

Your OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan has a micro-textured design which allows a better airflow circulation. Thus, this makes a good and scrumptious crust.

Some may not like this type of pan because of the lack of handles. However, its square-rolled edges impose a better grip and comfortability to ensure that you have a safe and easy pizza-baking.

This 15-inch pan is rightly sized for a more flexible baking. Wanting to bake a smaller pizza? You got it. Feeling like baking a large pizza for a get-together? You also got it!


  • Scratch-, stain-, corrosion-, and abrasion-resistant
  • Micro-textured design for better airflow circulation
  • Good size and weight


  • Claims to be dishwasher-safe but some customers have encountered issues like stripping of nonstick coating
  • Some have experienced warping when it’s hot

Chicago Metallic Deep-Dish Pizza Pan

Chicago Metallic Deep-Dish Pizza Pan

When you want that thick crust pizza, then a deep-dish pizza pan may be your hallelujah. This Chicago Metallic Deep-Dish Pizza Pan is not only unique, but it is also pretty versatile.

The wire rod-reinforced edge of this pan makes it stand out from the rest of the pans in the market. Because of its more than an inch deep edge, you can use this for any deep dish recipes and of course, the favorite stuffed pizzas.

Constructed with heavy-duty aluminized steel, this pan is safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it is not only durable but it can also promise you even distribution of heat.

The nonstick surface of this pan is silicone, hence, you shouldn’t be using sharp utensils. This is because it can easily scratch the surface, stripping off the nonstick surface.

If you’re planning to cut your pizza, then you, unfortunately, have to transfer it to another ware before cutting. In this way, you’re avoiding any damage to your pan. 


  • Good for most pizza styles (deep dish, stuffed crust, St Louis crust)
  • Dishwasher-safe (but hand washing is still recommended)
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Cutting must be done out of the pan
  • Some have experienced difficulty with cleaning most especially when an ingredient, like cheese, sticks to the surface of the pan

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet

This Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet gives versatility a whole lot of definition. This cast iron pan skillet is not only popular for baking crispy crust pizza, but also for roasting, frying, and grilling.

This is a multi-purpose pan that should be a part of your kitchenware. It cannot only be used for your baking purposes, but this can also be used to prepare your breakfast meal of eggs and bacon—and even pancakes!

Since this is constructed out of cast iron material, you can expect durability and improved longevity. However, cast iron is known for being relatively hefty, hence, you should watch out for its weight.

Cast iron is also known for heat-retaining, hence, it makes your baking process quicker and more effective. Once you get this out of the oven, your pizza will also not go cold right away.

Sized at 14 inches, this pan is a perfect starter pan. Moreover, it is large enough to cater to either small and big gatherings. 

For comfortability and ease in maneuverability, this pan comes with loop handles. This imposes ease in moving the pizza pan around without stressing too much.


  • Versatile (for baking, frying, grilling, etc)
  • Safe and comfortable handles
  • Fast even heating and longer heat retention


  • Some users have said that it’s quite challenging to clean because the surface is rougher than the other cast irons
  • Some have experienced warping

Eastman Outdoors BBQ Grill Pizza Pan

For an outdoor pizza baking experience, this Eastman Outdoors BBQ Grill Pizza Pan truly deserves a chance in your list of must-haves. This doesn’t only give you a great baked pizza but also helps you with other cooking processes like roasting.

This pizza pan has a designed heat shield under the perforated tray to perform a better heat distribution. Moreover, this prevents the crust from burning—giving you the perfect crispy crust.

This is good for homemade, frozen, and refrigerated pizzas. Moreover, this can also be used to grill your vegetables, fish, and meats. 

They’re not only reasonably priced, but they’re also heavy-duty and sturdy enough for all types of backyard cooking. Moreover, this pan has handles so you can easily move around outdoors.

One downside is that this pan doesn’t promise a thorough nonstick finish. So, you have to remember to spray the pan with oil to avoid any sticking issues.


  • Multifunctionality 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perforated for a tasty and smoky flavor


  • Some have complained about nonstick coating flaking off
  • Some have experienced the handle rivets falling off

Factors To Consider For The Best Pizza Pan

Pizza pans are generally easy to purchase because of its uni purposes design. There are only a few things to consider since pizza pans aren’t that complex and they’re pretty easy to distinguish from one to another.

Despite its initial uni purposes design, a lot of brands are coming out with good designs that can be considered multifunctional. However, you don’t have to look at the fanciful details if you’re only planning to use it for its initial purpose.

Other than the design, you also have to first ask yourself which pizza do you prefer. Some pizzas require specific pizza pans, while some don’t. Regardless, the pan has a heavy contribution to the outcome of your pizzas.

Of course, price is one of the main things to consider. However, remember these pans are not priced out of a whim. There are major considerations as to why they’re priced that way and understanding these factors must be done.

To help you thoroughly search through the hundreds of pizza pans, I’ve made a list of factors to consider when looking for a pizza pan that you deem perfect for you.


The material heavily contributed to the pricing of your pan. Moreover, this also dictates the longevity and durability of your pizza pans.

Though the material has an evident contribution to the outcome of your pizza, they don’t necessarily make or break your pizza outcome. The material only helps with heat retention and distribution to improve the quality of your pizza.

The material also dictates the pan’s cleaning and maintaining process. Some materials have a natural nonstick, hence cleaning won’t be terrible because there are minimal encounters of sticking cheese on the surfaces.

On the other hand, some materials require a little thrust of nonstick-activating ingredients like oil for the surface to be fully nonstick. Moreover, some are dishwasher-safe, while others are not.

Overall, the material is a helpful standard to identify more of the pan that you’re getting. They’re not only imposing good aesthetics and price hikes—they’re so much more than that.


Steel comes in a variety. There are aluminized steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and whatnot. It is true that they all come from a similar material, the difference now lies in the process and manufacturing.

Stainless steels usually don’t have a non-stick coating finish. Hence, using a good amount of oil to activate a nonstick coating is required.

When greased properly with oil, butter, or whatnot, its mirror finish will take the work and easily release the pizza. Moreover, they’re also pretty easy to clean because of its smooth surface.

Pizza pans made from stainless steel are not something I would really recommend, to be honest. Rather, I recommended aluminized steel more because they’re more durable and they have a nonstick coating.

Pans that are made from aluminized steel are coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy. This coating prevents corrosion and abrasion.

Aluminum is also known to heat quickly and efficiently. They heat evenly across the surface, ensuring that your pizza won’t be unevenly cooked.

If you prefer aluminized steel, then you might want to look into OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan or Chicago Metallic Deep-Dish Pizza Pan.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron pizza pans are usually known for their versatility. They can be used on a grill, on an open fire, under the broiler, and even on the stovetop.

They’re extremely durable and they have good heat retention because of its very thick composition. However, some dislike cast iron because they’re pretty hefty and they have quite a poor heat distribution due to its thickness.

Cast irons often come pre-seasoned, hence you don’t have to thoroughly grease them with oil or butter to make it nonstick. Its natural nonstick is also known for being safe and healthy because no harmful chemical will be leaking into your food.

Cast irons also seldom cause warping. They’re good even at a very high heat temperature. However, they often come at quite a high price that may not be reasonable for some.

Cast irons are also easy to clean. The only key to an easier cleaning is to let your pan cool off before handwashing it with soap with light scrubbing. 

If you prefer a cast iron for your pizza pan, then you might want to look into Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan or Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet.

Pan Style

The style of your pan heavily influences the outcome of your pizza. Each style has its own unique way of handling airflow and heat distribution, thus, altering the pizza that you’re making. Read on to learn more about which style to get and work with!


Perforated pans are the usual pans that have small holes throughout the surface of the pan. These holes allow heat to directly come in contact with the crust, making it crispier.

They’re perfect for crispier crusts because they prevent the crust from getting soggy. This is because the moisture escapes through the holes of the pans, allowing good air circulation for that extra crisp.

If you prefer perforated pans, then you might want to check into Eastman Outdoors BBQ Grill Pizza Pan.


Also known as a non-perforated surface, solid surfaces are those pans with a solid and smooth finish. Since they’re plain and smooth, the crispiness relies on the metal the pan is constructed with.

Heavy-gauge materials should be the main construction of non-perforated pans for a better crust. Moreover, this heavy-gauge construction allows crispy and evenly cooked crusts.

This type of construction is also a good and powerful conductor heat. Hence, even heat distribution is expected from your pizza pan. This will definitely bake your pizzas into perfection.

If you prefer solid pans, then you might want to look into Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan.

Edge Style

The style of the edge of your pan also has an important role when making your pizza type. Some pans that have a different edge style can cater to stuffed crust pizza, while some are more for thin crusts. Read more to find out which best suits your style!

Flat Edge Pan 

Flat edge pans, or also often known as those pans mimicking a tray-style, have a completely flat edge. They often come with handles, while some have square-rolled edges for better grip.

These pans effortlessly release your pizza after freshly taking them out from the oven. Oftentimes, they no longer require you to get a utensil because your pizza slides out with just a little tilt.

These are also good for immediate serving and for a quick-paced kitchen. Since this lets your pizza slide out easily, you can expect that your pizza will come out perfectly.

They’re also known for their versatility. This lets the baker bake, slice, and serve pizza on the same pan. However, some don’t like this type of pan because the pizza can slide off when moving around.

If you prefer a flat edge style, then you might want to look into OXO Good Grips Pizza Pan. If you prefer those with handles, then I recommend looking into Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet.


Deep dish pizza pans are for those who prefer stuffed pizzas. They’re also good for people who heartily pour toppings on their pizzas. 

This type of pan creates a crunchy button but a softer inside. They’re deeper than the traditional pizza trays, hence, you can use this to bake other goods too like cakes and pies.

When buying a deep dish, make sure that you look for those made in good material. When made in poor quality, there’s a tendency that they’re not a good conductor of heat, creating an unevenly cooked pizza.

These pans can be cooked in any commercial oven, hence you don’t have to worry about not owning a pizza oven. Moreover, they also come in both a round and square shape for more pizza shape options.

If you prefer a deep-dish pizza pan, then I suggest looking into Chicago Metallic Deep-Dish Pizza Pan.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pizza Pans

Is greasing required on my pizza pan?

Some pizza pans don’t have a nonstick coating, hence yes, grazing is required. However, if your pan is nonstick, you can just grease it with little oil or butter, or you can sprinkle a little flour on the bottom of your pan.

What’s the difference between my pizza stone and pizza pan?

A pizza stone cooks your pizza quicker than the usual pizza pan. This is because pizza stones are hotter, hence the instant cooking. However, this may be difficult to adjust with time because your pizza may get burned quickly. For pizza pans, they’re slower to cook. However, the quality of your pizza won’t change.

Are pizza pans with holes better?

Perforated pans promote airflow for even cooking. Hence, this could be better for some people. However, nothing is really better because it depends on what pizza you’ll be cooking. If you’re cooking an Italian pizza, then you don’t really need those holes.


The right pizza pan heavily influences a great pizza creation. Ranging from the material to the edge style, your pizza will really rely on these factors because these will affect your scrumptious pie.

Beginner or not, it is only essential to ensure that you’re cooking your pizza on a trusty pizza pan. Hence, always remember that price is not the only basis of your pizza pan purchase—there are more factors to look at other than the numbers!


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