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One of the finer things in life comes in a thin waffle with a good fruit side dish and a generous serving of syrup and butter. This imagery totally defines a good and relaxing breakfast, eh?

Also called as American, old-fashioned waffles, thin waffles are quite challenging to make because you have to ensure that your waffles are crispy and not burnt. Hence, temperature control is really the greatest hurdle.

When cooking your thin waffles, you have to make sure that you have your trusty maker to serve you the best waffles you could ever make. Hence, I present to you the 7 must buy thin waffle makers.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Thin Waffle Maker

All-Clad Stainless Steel Thin Waffle Maker

This All-Clad Stainless Steel Thin Waffle Maker may look intimidating due to its design and style. But trust me, they’re one of the best among the rest because of its unique settings and features.

Measuring at 10 x 13.5 x 7 inches, this seven pound waffle maker can sit perfectly on your countertop and match the aesthetics of your kitchen. This is made from a stainless-steel exterior, hence it is really durable and could last a long time.

This features a seven temperature setting to let you customize your waffle without actually burning them. You want a lighter outcome? You got it. Feeling like eating a crispy and darker thin waffle? Yes please!

This also has a steam-release feature to give you a crispier waffle. Moreover, this will help your waffle to be nice and light within.

The riveted handle is also securely placed to increase comfortability and security when using the waffler. Moreover, the base is constructed with a non-slip feature so it won’t slip around while using.

It could be quite a hassle when storing such an appliance because of its unusual shape and size. However, All-Clad has innovated a power cord storage for easier storing.

This also has ready light and an audible beeping sound. These features will notify you when the machine is heated to the right temperature.

The plates of this waffle maker are coated with a nonstick coating. Hence, this makes it easier for you to cook and clean. 


  • Seven cooking settings
  • Cord storage at the bottom of the machine
  • Ready light and audible beeping sound


  • Requires more storage space
  • Some find it difficult to use at first because of the several settings
  • Some have experienced uneven cooking and browning

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

Who could say no to a waffler that has a browning control? This Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker is made of stainless steel for added durability and increased longevity.

With a browning control feature, you can adjust the temperature from 1 to 5 to give you the perfect waffles that you desire. This can make your waffle yellow-cream, brown, or dark in color depending on your preference.

Because this is pretty bulky to store, you may need to just leave this on your counter. However, its design will surely pass your kitchen aesthetics because of its class finish.

The plates are coated with non-stick feature, hence you are assured that there will be no waffles stuck on the plates. Moreover, this will also help you with the cleaning process.

This comes with two indicator lights in red and green colors. The red color notifies you when the waffle maker is ready to bake, while the latter informs you that your waffles are baked successfully.


  • Five settings for browning control
  • Indicator lights are available
  • Weighted lid for secure cooking


  • Some have claimed that the five settings are difficult to comprehend at first
  • Some have received defective units

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

If you prefer large waffles with deep pockets, this Oster Belgian Waffle Maker can deliver the perfect waffle for you. You can fill these deep pockets with a variety of toppings to fully enjoy your waffles with your family.

The exterior housing of this waffle maker is made from stainless steel. Moreover, the long cord offers more flexibility most especially when your outlet is pretty far from your baking area.

Worrying about accidental burns and injuries? Then worry not because this comes with a safe to touch handle that keeps you safe.

This waffle maker has adjustable temperature control settings so you can adjust everything to your own desires. If you prefer a darker shade of waffle, then this machine got your back.

This can cater to your large waffles with its inner cooking plate that can cater to 8-inch long round shaped waffles. These are also nonstick to provide better baking and cleaning.


  • Indicator lights are available
  • Can prepare deep-pocketed waffles and also large-sized waffles
  • Has temperature control


  • Some have experienced uneven cooking of their waffles
  • Some have claimed that the lids do not shut tightly

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Taste

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Taste

A hearty breakfast could also mean a well-designed waffle. With this Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Taste, you’ll surely have your heart eyes on the decorative waffle on your plate.

This light and compact waffle maker will surely sit seamlessly on your counters because of its good aesthetics. If you prefer storing it, then it won’t be a problem either because of its size and weight.

Its floating top plate is one feature that this machine prides itself in. This ensures even browning of your whole waffle. Also, this can heat pretty quickly, hence you can start making your waffle in 90 seconds.

This comes with a light indicator and also a buzzer to tell you once the baking is successfully done. Moreover, this has a quick recovery feature, so you can make your next batch of batter almost immediately.

This has a texture selection to cater to how you want your waffles to be done. The deep bake makes an all-around crispiness of your waffle, while the fast bake gives a crispy outside but airy feeling within.

When only beginning to bake with this machine, you will surely overpour your batter. Worry not though because this has an integral overflow channel that will catch the excess, which you can just quickly wipe after use.

This includes recipes and a one-year limited warranty in its packaging. In this way, you know that your purchase is totally worth it.


  • Creates decorative waffles
  • Easy to store
  • Has indicator lights and baking buzzer


  • Some have complained about the nonstick coating wearing off

ZZ Heart Waffle Maker

ZZ Heart Waffle Maker

ZZ Heart Waffle Maker, true to its name, makes waffles shaped like a heart. So, if you’re not a big fan of designed waffles, then you might not want this waffle maker suggestion.

This is pretty heavy duty, considering that you can make 10 crispy waffles within a few minutes. But then again, this only cooks waffles in heart shapes only.

This waffler features a five temperature setting that will allow you to control the heat and temperature level of your waffles. In this way, you can manipulate how you want your waffle outcome and texture.

These plates are non stick and as well as scratch resistant. Therefore, there’s an ease in releasing your pancakes because it won’t stick everywhere. Moreover, it’s also easier when cleaning. 

This waffle maker has indicator lights that will keep you informed when the maker is ready. Also, the other light notifies you when your crispy or fluffy waffles are ready to be served. 


  • Cooks two waffles at the same time
  • Five temperature settings
  • Has two light indicators


  • Some users have claimed that the temperature setting dial is loose
  • Some have complained about not getting the crispy waffles

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

This high quality waffle maker can be something you’ve been looking for. This Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin can make two thin crisp Belgian waffles at a time.

This is constructed with a heavy aluminum casting and stainless cover, ensuring durability. Moreover, since this is made from a high quality material, you are assured that this will last for a long time.

This comes with a preset automatic thermostat that ensures efficiency. Even with multiple batches, your machine won’t overheat because it can automatically control the heat of the pans.

Its tubular heating elements promote an even baking of your waffle. Also, this has a three-leg stand to make it very stable and not cause any accidents and injuries.


  • Can bake two crispy and thin waffles at a time
  • Has a tubular heating element
  • Has a preset automatic thermostat


  • Relatively heavy
  • Don’t have a nonstick coating
  • Some have complained about the machine not making the waffles thin enough

Factors To Consider When Buying Thin Waffle Makers

Other than the price and design, there are other things that we should be considering when buying any kitchenware or kitchen appliance. I believe that you should really be extra careful with your purchase most especially if it’s for your kitchen.

I personally don’t want my waffle makers to work poorly most especially when my hunger is at peak. This is because I can assure you that my patience and temper are at a trying period. I know you truly understand this, so buying a good machine is really a must!

I’ve created a list that could be pretty helpful when buying a waffle maker. So read on and know more about the factors that you should really consider when buying a waffle maker.


The material doesn’t necessarily ruin your waffle outcome, but they dictate the worth of its value. You may opt to buy cheaper waffle makers, but are they constructed from a durable material?

Material also concludes the longevity and durability of the product. Of course, your cleaning and maintenance also have an important key factor, but the material is the overall basis.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steels are better for cooking at high temperatures. They are less likely to warp under high temperatures and they also promote even distribution of heat.

Stainless steels in general don’t have a coating on its cooking surface, hence it is not nonstick. However, brands produce products that are stainless steels for its housing and a good nonstick material for its surface.

Stainless steels as the exterior material for your waffle makers ensure durability. They’re also corrosion resistant and they’re definitely here for a long time, making your purchase totally worth it.

When getting a waffle maker, you should always look out for a high quality construction to ensure that you’re not getting less for what you have paid for. Moreover, low quality stainless steel may cause overheating which can result in injuries and whatnot.

If you prefer stainless steel for your waffle maker, then you might want to look into All-Clad Stainless Steel Thin Waffle Maker.


Aluminum is overlooked by other individuals because they have an impression that aluminum material is not durable and is not worth it. Perhaps, it is because they come at a pretty low price. 

In fact, aluminum has a higher oxidation and corrosion resistance than stainless steel. This is most especially the case when your aluminum is created from the high quality type of aluminum.

This material is also a good conductor of heat. This makes it good as a thin waffle maker since you’ll be needing that high temperature for that extra crisp.

Aluminum is also lightweight and is relatively less expensive than the other materials. However, its low price doesn’t really make it less durable.

If you prefer aluminum for your thin waffle makers, you might want to look into Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin.

Cleaning and Maintenance

No matter what waffle maker you buy, even those that are expensive, you’ll always encounter a lot of crevices and gaps where batter can seep through. This can make everything difficult when it comes to the cleaning process.

Poor cleaning can deteriorate the lifespan of your machine. Moreover, it is no brainer that  leftover batter from your previous baking sessions is just plain nasty.

When buying your thin waffle makers, you might want to consider getting those with detachable pans so you can easily clean the surface. Or, you can also look into makers that have huge gaps in between for easy cleaning.

Also, look for wafflers that have a good nonstick coating. The nonstick coating will totally help you with the cleaning process because it is most likely that there won’t be any stubborn batters sticking onto the surface—which can be pretty tedious to clean.

If you prefer easy cleaning, I highly recommend Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker. This unit has removable plates so you can easily wash them.

Nonstick Coating

Non Stick coating must always be your priority when it comes to looking for a thin waffle maker. They impose ease in the cooking process because the batter doesn’t easily stick to the sides or bottom of the surface.

Non Stick coating also provides an easier cleaning process since there won’t be any stubborn leftovers hiding in the corners. Moreover, this coating lets you release your waffles in ease.

Non Stick coating isn’t dangerous. But you should always look out for materials that are made out of Teflon nonstick because of the hazardous issues regarding this.

Take note that there are numerous brands out there that use a nonstick coating that are far safer. This means that they avoid the Teflon coating which poses different health risks.

Take note though that just because it is non-stick, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to skip the greasing part. The greasing step is always important regardless if your pan is nonstick or not.

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker has a good non stick coating. So far, there are good reviews about its nonstick coating and its less tendency of wearing off.


Though design is not really important, this could be a dealbreaker for some users. Different waffle makers offer variance when it comes to the pattern of the waffle it makes.

Some wafflers create heart shapes, while some produce the plain circle (or square) shapes. Regardless, you always have to see if the design is compatible with your taste.

Some designs are useful, though, don’t get me wrong. A waffler that offers a heart-shaped design can actually cater to several flavors of different batters in one waffle—making a unique and one-of-a-kind waffle.

If the mentioned feature is something you want to try, then I suggest looking into Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Taste. Each heart of this five-heart waffle can be of different flavor, depending on your mixture. Worth it, right?

Size and Capacity

Other waffle makers can cater to more than one waffle baking at a time because of its large surface area. Others though could only make one waffle, but they’re pretty large enough.

If you need many waffles at a time, then you must choose one that can make more than one waffle at a time. This doesn’t only impose convenience, but it is also a time-saver.

Big capacity waffle makers mean that it can cater to more than two waffle baking. On the other hand, size means that your waffler can handle a good amount of waffle batter.

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker is a good waffler for large-sized waffles. You can create deep-pocketed waffles in this machine.

If you prefer more than one waffle to bake at a time, you might want to look into Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker. With its large surface area, you can cook two to four waffles at the same time.

Browning Levels

The secret to the perfectly baked thin waffle is a good control over its temperature and heat. You should get a waffle maker that has cooking settings that allows you to cook your waffle as per your browning desire.

Some brands or cheaper models may not have this setting available. However, the higher-end units offer this setting up to 5 (or probably even more) browning settings for you to choose from.

You might want to look into ZZ Heart Waffle Maker for this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions On Thin Waffle Makers

Should waffle batter be thin or thick?

This totally depends on you. To make the perfect thin waffles, you should only use a thin layer of batter. Regardless, you have to make sure that the consistency in your batter is just right. If there are clumps around your whisk, then it’s too thick. If it’s so runny, then it’s too thin.

How do I make my waffles crispy?

Always look at your temperature. Moreover, don’t forget about the batter too. Right consistency in your batter influences the crispiness of your waffles too.

Can I use my pancake mix as my waffle mix?

You won’t achieve the best results. Waffle batter has more sugar for caramelizing as compared to the pancake mix. A thicker consistency will make better waffles. On the other hand, pancake batter uses a runnier and thinner consistency.

To solve this, you can add some extras to your pancake mix to make it suitable for your batter mix. Add melted butter and sugar, and you’re good to go!


With different choices in the market, I can’t blame you if you’re confused as to which waffle maker to purchase. After all, each has their own pros and cons to look at. But, the fault lies on you if you didn’t thoroughly check which best suits you, without compromising your waffle results!

There are different brands and units in the market, but the best one lies on the eyes of the beholder—you. Of course, there are objectively bad makers out there, but generally, everything is okay to work with. You just really have to search which one will give you that extra serotonin after taking a bite of that crispy thin waffle.


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