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Famous Portuguese TV Star Slams at Georgina Rodriguez Amid Break up Rumors with Ronaldo

Leo Caiero, a famous TV presenter, recently said that the job Cristiano Cristiano’s girl Georgina Rodriquez is to just grab bags. The TV presenter’s statement has attracted the attention of media and many fans. Georgina’s fans are also criticizing Leo Caiero for this statement.

The TV host questioned Georgina Rodrguez about her shopping habits, and claimed that she would not be coming to Portugal along with his boyfriend. It’s not the first time Georgina was criticized for shopping habits.

Many news outlets and reports have written about Georgina’s buying habits since the Spanish model moved to Saudi Arabia. Some reports also claim that Ronaldo is unhappy with Georgina because of her shopping habits.

Leo Caiero said in a TV show, “She should not come. She certainly won’t be here to support him and if she isn’t, the thesis that I have been preaching here will prove that what I am saying is true.” Leo said in a television show , “She shouldn’t come, she won’t support him, and if she’s not here, then the thesis I’ve been preaching will prove what I’m telling here is true.”

He continued, She’s always working, but we always see her shopping. Her biggest job is to grab bags. These comments of Leo are sure to have caught the attention of the news channels who always search for news about Ronaldo and Georgina.

Breaking news on the rumors surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s breakup with Georgina Rodriguez

The relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina has been circulating on the Internet for a while now. Many reports claim that Ronaldo is upset with his partner because she spends so much money shopping.

This news was published, despite Ronaldo having been one of the wealthiest sportspeople in the entire world. The news was reported by a Saudi television channel. The channel reported that the Portuguese actor will soon leave Georgina.

Following the Saudi news channel, many Spanish and Western news outlets published similar reports. Many famous personalities also expressed their opinions and views on these fictional news reports.

Both couples claimed that their relationship was not strained by the Instagram photo where they kissed. These fictional reports are still being published by major news outlets. Ronaldo and Georgina are able to dismiss and dispel such rumors.


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