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Few Things that Europeans Finds Strange About America

There are certain Americanisms that Europeans cannot adapt to, no matter how many visits they make to the States.

There are 11 strange things about America that Europeans find surprising.

1. How are you? is a greeting and not a question

In the States, when a salesperson asks “how are your?” it is not a question but rather a way to say “hello.” The European will always respond with a monologue on their health, well-being and general wellbeing.

2. Ice Cubes

The US drinks are ice-filled, and just as Americans find it difficult to understand the lukewarm drinking water in Europe. Europeans also have a hard time understanding the US’s ice-filled drinks. The average ratio of soda to ice is 30:70. This leaves any cup empty within a few sips.


3. Refills are free

Does this have to do with all the ice in it? The Europeans are never going to understand why a second soda is presented in front of them when the first cup is still half-full. It’s also strange that you can order large sodas – even if they are being refilled.

4. Portion sizes

Megan Willett/Business InsiderThey’re huge! They’re huge!

5. Certain food combinations

What about sweet potatoes and marshmallows? Ice cream with soda? Bacon and syrup Europeans find these combinations strange.

6. The Question Game

When they are bombarded by 12,857 questions, most Europeans feel intimidated.

7. Tipping

It is absurd to Europeans that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that someone else’s employee receives a fair salary. It’s astonishing that Europeans pay extra to have someone do their job – not just because they are good at it. The Europeans are also confused by the fact that there is no standard amount or percentage to tip and who should be tipped.Advertisement

8. Taxes

Taxes are a pain for all, but this is different. It’s absurd that you don’t pay the same price for an item as you see it at the store.

9. Coins

What are the strange nicknames for coins that have no relation to their value? Why is the value of a dime higher than that of a nickel? Euro coins are called by the numeric value.

10. Air Conditioning

Why are most shops and offices set at Arctic temperatures? It is too cold to be indoors in America, especially during summer. Most Europeans are not used this.

11. The Measurement System

This makes no sense. Why is 7/8ths a valid measurement? Why are feet still used? It’s time the US adopted the metric system.


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