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Gerard Pique to Seize Opportunity and Start Court Trial for Kids Custody while Shakira is in Barcelona, Predicts Fortune Teller

Shakira visited Barcelona last Sunday to drop off her children Milan and Sasha to Gerard Pique for a short vacation until June 19. According to reports, Mhoni Viente, a well-known Cuban fortuneteller, has predicted that the two former couples will fight over custody of their children Milan and Sasha.

Shakira divorced former Barcelona player, Clara Chia in 2022 when she learned of his ex-husbands affair. The Colombian singer, along with her children, moved to Miami to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle.

Both couples want to spend equal time with their kids, despite the tensions between them. Recently, the Colombian singer travelled to Barcelona solely for this purpose.

According to Mhoni Viente Gerard Pique, the father of two children may start a new legal battle to gain custody of his kids so they can live with him in Barcelona.

According to a tarot reader, Shakira also would fight back if her ex-husband filed a lawsuit to gain custody of Milan or Sasha. A tarot card reader on a TV program said, “This is telling us it’s going to be a war with no parameters and without any quarter because Pique is vindictive and envious.” He was in love with Shakira first, and then left her alone .”

She continued, “They claim he will take some conversations from Shakira. I don’t think Pique understands that things are already calming down, and that a lawsuit to revive the situation would be atrocious. They must reach an agreement to protect the children .”

Ibai Llanos’ reaction to the Session 53 of Bizzarap & Shakira, played by Gerard Pique in the voice.

Ibai Llanos, a close friend of former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, recently reacted when Session 53 was played in Pique’s voice. The original song was performed by Shakira, Bizarrap and others.

The original song became a huge hit, and many people liked it. The recent version of Session 53 has become a meme since its release. Ibia Llanos viewed this remix as a joke, and commented, “Holy Man, it’s Wired.” It was worse than I expected. It’s unfortunate .”

The remix in Pique’s voice was made just for fun. The original version was a total beef between the Colombian singer and Gerard Pique.


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