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How Wealthy is Lewis Hamilton as Compared to Shakira’s Ex Gerard Pique?

Rumors are circulating about a possible relationship between Lewis Hamilton, the greatest F1 driver of all time, and Shakira. She was one of the notable figures attending the 2023 Miami GP. The Colombian pop star was seen enjoying a meal in a restaurant with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton after a tour of the F1 paddock.

After her divorce from her former partner, FC Barcelona football legend Gerard Pique, in June 2022 she has been romantically linked to various celebrities including Lewis Hamilton and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

Shakira and Hamilton followed up their rumored date with an extravagant boat ride, after the British actor reportedly picked up Shakira from her Miami residence to show his chivalrous side.

She is now a free woman, exploring all her options and living life to the fullest. In the midst of this speculation about a romantic relationship between the two, discover who is the wealthiest among Hamilton and Pique.

How much is Lewis Hamilton worth?

Seven World Championships have made him one of F1’s most successful drivers. His incredible talent and achievements have cemented his place among F1’s all-time legends. The estimated Net Worth of the superstar is 285 Million USD as of April 2023.Lewis Hamilton via Metro UK

In 2008, he became the world champion after just two F1 seasons. He switched to Mercedes despite some tough battles in the following years. The team was still relatively unproven on the huge stage of F1. Lewis Hamilton took a risk that could have been the difference between his career and failure. It paid off, as he won six more championships for Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton’s professional career has reached new heights since joining Mercedes. He signed a lucrative contract in 2021 with the team. His current salary is $55 million. Hamilton is discreet in his approach, and has not publicly discussed any of his businesses or investments other than the ones that are widely known, like the NFL team Denver Broncos. Hamilton keeps these topics to himself, even when he is interviewed.

What is Gerard Pique’s net worth?

Gerard Pique is a well-known figure in football. He has achieved a lot on the field, but also in business. The estimated Net Worth of the Spanish icon is 80 Million USD as of April 2023.

Pique’s entrepreneurial spirit was demonstrated when he co-founded Kosmos Holding. This investment group specializes in sports and media. Pique also played an important role in the transformation of the Davis Cup tennis event. Pique also expanded his involvement in football ownership in 2018 by purchasing FC Andorra through his Kosmos Holding Group, a club in the second division.

His career in football began at Barcelona’s La Masia Academy, where he made his debut with the first team in 2004. The Spaniard then moved to Manchester United where he won a number of prestigious trophies and enjoyed success. Gerard Pique, who returned to Barcelona in 2008, became an integral part of their success both domestically and internationally. He was a key player in the club’s multiple La Liga and UEFA Champions League titles. He has also won the Euro and World Cup.

Which is wealthier, Lewis Hamilton or Gerard Pique

F1 is an elitist and high-paying sport, which gives the Englishman a slight advantage over the Spanish centre-back. Hamilton’s net worth is three and a quarter times that of Gerard Piques, despite his investments being largely unknown. The former Footballer’s net worth is $80 million compared to Hamilton’s $285 million.The Blast and The Guernsey Press: Gerard Pique and Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton and Pique, while legends in the sports they represent, also have ventures, investments, and involvement outside of those areas. They are making waves with their intellectual approach in each of their domains. It is an indication of where they are today. Some of the most prominent figures in sport represent them.

Hamilton, who is said to be considering investing in Pique’s expertise area, looks set to grow. Some speculate that Hamilton is interested in buying a minority stake at Chelsea FC or Manchester United. Pique has started a 5-aside football league called the King’s League after his Holding Group. It has unique rules and regulation, which set it apart from other leagues.

Lewis Hamilton is richer than Shakira.

Shakira’s music career has been a remarkable success. She is one of the most successful Latin artists in history, having sold more than 125 million albums around the world. She has received numerous awards including Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards. Shakira has a unique blend of Latin, pop and rock influences that have earned her critical acclaim and a worldwide fan base.

Shakira has shown a strong entrepreneurial spirit, even though she does not publicly disclose specifics about her investments. She co-founded “Puig Shakira”, a beauty and fashion brand, in collaboration with Puig. She has also been involved in philanthropic efforts, particularly through the Pies Descalzos Foundation. This foundation focuses on education and aid to children who are in need.

Shakira’s net worth is primarily derived from her music career. This includes album sales and concert tours as well as endorsement deals with companies such Pepsi, T-Mobile, and others. Her investments, business ventures and philanthropic efforts also contribute to her net worth. Her estimated Net Worth is greater than that of Lewis Hamilton, with a staggering 300 Million USD. The Englishman’s net worth is only $15 Million less.


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