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Is Joanna Krupa Still Married – Find Now

Joanna Krupa, an American actress and model of Polish descent who has become well known through fashion and entertainment work for years, now faces another stage in her life as husband Douglas Nunes files for divorce after nearly five years together.

Joanna Krupa and Douglas Nunes: An Untold Love Story
After six months of marriage in July 2018 when filing for divorce was submitted and as parents to 3-year old Asha Leigh they officially split in early October of that same year.

Divorce Filing
On March 24, 2023, Nunes filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences as her cause. Their separation date had been specified as January 2, 2023.

Nunes, who is an investor with Westerly Winds and joint venturer, wants joint physical custody of her daughter with Krupa and has asked the court not to award Krupa with any spousal maintenance payments. Unfortunately, in their documents it states they do not understand or know of the nature or extent of separate, community, and quasi-community properties, so their petition may change at a future date.

Joanna Krupa’s Journey from Model to Reality TV Star

Krupa’s modeling career is well known, having appeared on popular reality TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Real Housewives of Miami and Real Housewives of New York. Since 2010, she has served as chief judge on Poland’s version of Top Model competitions.

Activism and Advocacy
Krupa is not limited to acting; she is widely acknowledged for championing animal rights. Working alongside PETA and appearing in campaigns advocating dog adoption or opposing fur use, Krupa founded her own animal welfare group called Angels For Animal Rescue (AFAR).

Douglas Nunes: Behind The Divorce
Douglas Nunes is an influential businessperson within the entertainment industry and plays an essential role as founder and CEO of 451 Media Group which was co-founded with Michael Bay, John Gentile, and Anthony Gentile.

Professional Experience
Nunes brings nearly nine years’ of executive management experience across industries such as entertainment, digital media and financial services. While he may prefer not speaking publicly about himself personally or his professional accomplishments, Nunes’ professional history speaks for itself in that regards media creation is heavily featured within his past experiences.

Joanna Krupa Expresses Her Pride as Mother ecrjoanna Krupa takes great joy in being Asha-Leigh Nunes’ mother; however, in spite of all her marital woes. Asha-Leigh was welcomed into their lives on November 2, 2019.

Krupa’s social media posts reveal both the joy and challenges associated with motherhood. Her dedication to providing her daughter with loving and nurturing environments remains undiminished even amid divorce proceedings.

Joanna Krupa continues to receive support from around the globe in this challenging period, keeping a positive outlook and prioritizing family, career and her daughter’s wellbeing above personal matters.


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