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James Harden’s May Trade to Houston Rockets, Twitter Updates

James Harden is not a trustworthy or loyal guy. He’s about to change teams again and is just when a team wants him to be ready to play. He’s now on his way out, and the Philadelphia 76ers as well as Joel Embiid are disappointed. They gave up their future to acquire him. James Harden will once again be joining forces with the Houston Rockets.

James Harden is a major factor in the firing of Doc Rivers, head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. He has now embarrassed them by declining his player option of $35.6 million. Now he is a free agent and he wants to extend for four years. James Harden, however, is not a free agent. He has already decided to join the Houston Rockets. The reports that his reunion is a reality are no longer rumors.

revealed that Ime Udoka was hired as head coach by the Houston Rockets on April 25th. Head coach candidates were asked what they thought about James Harden’s presence in the system. Now we know that the Rockets will bring back the god of their city. The Rockets have enough cap room to bring back James Harden this offseason. Even The Beard enjoys the balling in Houston. His mom lives in Houston, so he has multiple businesses and mansions there. He also runs the strip clubs.

Even the Rockets are unlikely to give him a contract extension that exceeds the maximum. They are also rebuilding, and they want to have some veteran players on board as soon as possible. James Harden may wear the Rockets’ jersey next season, but the fans will hate him for his greedy moves and only caring about the bag.

Twitter’s reaction to the rumors that James Harden will rejoin the Houston Rockets in this off-season

James Harden is the target of a lot of hate on the internet, particularly from fans in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Houston Rockets were also a part, but now that rumors of his return are circulating, they’re celebrating rather than hating The Beard.

James Harden, if he does not resign with the Philadelphia 76ers but walks away as an Unrestricted free agent then he will have successfully ruined two franchises. The other is the Brooklyn Nets.

Once Harden leaves, there will be no room for discussion. The Sixers could lose many key players or even Joel Embiid.


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