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Isn’t it just incredibly awful to work around the busy kitchen with grease lingering in your air? Cooking is great, don’t get me wrong but the dirt and the strong cooking odors are definitely not the best part.

This is probably one of the many reasons why I owe my life to technology because it has innovated ductless range hoods. These ductless range hoods are certainly a lifesaver because it helps keep the kitchen air quality good.

Ductless range hoods filter air instead of extracting it outside your home. In this way, it is easier when it comes to installation (and with so many things too) because you no longer have to install an air duct in your home.

So, if I were you, I’d probably start thinking about investing in a ductless range hood because we need that quality breathing air while we’re cooking. If you want to know more about the top 5 ductless range hoods to consider buying, then read on!

Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless Range Hood

This Broan Nu-Tone 413004 Ductless Range Hood tops off the list because of its top-quality ductless range hood construction. Broan is no wonder one of the brandings in this industry because of their effective and best range hoods.

This Broan-Nutone 413004 model is surely the real deal because of its capability of effectively delivering the better air quality that you and your kitchen deserve (190 CFM). This is constructed from stainless steel, hence you are assured that it is solid and durable.

This comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 21 to 42 inches wide. Thus, you can expect that this can cater to almost all sizes of kitchen areas. Moreover, this under-cabinet body frame is compact enough to impose easy installment.

Its sides are beveled and mitered and its bottom is hemmed well. This skips all complexities and delivers straightforward filtering with two switches on its front control panel for the light control and fan.

Its rocker-type fan is also something you should look at. A rocker-type fan is one of the strongest and also one of the most effective when it comes to recirculating the air in your kitchen.

This works best when installed 18-20 inches above your kitchen counter. This uses aluminum mesh filters to properly filter out the odor and the greasy emissions. Also, charcoal carbon filters are used for the filtration of fine particles.

Imagine a rocker-type fan combined with a good filtration system? You get a good and reliable working range hood in your modern kitchen. In this way, you’re surely inhaling a good quality air and not remnants of the greasy atmosphere.

Despite its name, its rocker-type fan isn’t unnecessarily loud and it’s relatively quiet. Hence, you can enjoy your cooking peacefully.

Unlike other advanced and modern range hoods, this model is not an automatic model that has sensors. Also its charcoal filter cannot be cleaned, so replacement is required every six months. 

For its aluminum mesh filter, this can be removed and be cleaned. However, this also has to be replaced eventually for optimum performance. This should be cleaned by hand using warm water and mild soap.


  • Simple and basic controls
  • Easy installation
  • Variety of sizes is offered


  • No automatic sensors
  • Charcoal filter cannot be cleaned, hence needs to be replaced
  • Some have reported that the aluminum degreasers wear out

Cosmo QS75 Pro-Style Ductless Range Hood

Cosmo QS75 Pro-Style Ductless Range Hood

A powerful range hood is what you need when you find yourself often cooking heavy meals and when your kitchen is just the busiest in town. This Cosmo QS75 Pro-Style Ductless Range Hood (900 CFM) is surely reliable to handle any of the kitchen stress!

This 18-gauge stainless steel proves itself to be a long lasting range hood. Not only that, but this definitely sits well with your kitchen ambiance because of its aesthetically pleasing design.

If you want a high-tech range hood, then you might want to start considering this in your list. This has a touchscreen control for the speeds of its fan, LED lighting, and also timer. This also has an automatic shut-off function.

This has a gas sensor function too. So when it detects gas lingering in the air, then this automatically turns the hood on. To top all of these off? This comes with a remote control!

This model has baffle filters that are constructed from stainless steel and are also 100% dishwasher-safe. These could be pretty expensive at initial purchase, but it is definitely worth it because they don’t need to be replaced.

The carbon filter kit must be purchased separately though. However, this ductless recirculating hood feature is only optional.


  • Has 4 custom speeds for venting control
  • Powerful dual motors
  • High-tech and convertible


  • Carbon filter kit is purchased separately
  • Some have complained about poor manufacturer customer support when purchasing

The Z-Line ZLKB Range Hood

The Z-Line ZLKB Range Hood

If you want a fairly priced range hood but still work powerfully and efficiently, then this ZLKB-30 is a good investment. This unit is totally reliable and is built to last!

Its strong steel construction is durable enough for it to be your long-lasting range hood. This has a protective coating for scratch resistance. Moreover, this wall mount can perfectly blend in well with your kitchen. 

Its 760 CFM motor is good enough to filter out the greasy air in your kitchen. Not only that, but you can also say goodbye to the unnecessary heat and smoke to better your kitchen performance.

You can control the speed in four different levels. So, you can set your rangehood in accordance with your cooking activity. This is also the best when you’re making steaks or any heavy cooking that produces intense smoke.

This has a baffled filter with a charcoal filter for a good and efficient purification and recirculation of air. However, some have commented that this could be a bit loud (but definitely not annoyingly loud!).

This comes with lights that come at a right level of brightness to illuminate the cooking area. Moreover, they can also swivel to help you with your dinner-making.

Some have complained about this range hood vibrating when the fan is at the highest speed. However, if this is fixed perfectly on the wall, then you don’t have to worry. Plus, it’s easy to install! 

This is also a versatile model. You can install this as a non-ducted or ducted system. So, you are assured that you can work this around the way you want it to be.


  • Versatile
  • Has an automatic fan shut off option
  • Adjustable and swiveling lights


  • Some have complained about it vibrating during high speed

Air King AD1306 Ductless Range Hood

Air King AD1306 Ductless Range Hood

The Air-King AD1306 Ductless Range Hood could be one of the best options out there if you’re planning to buy a simple but effective model. Operating at 180 CFM, this simply works for your home kitchen.

This is your best pick range hood if you’re under budget but still want a decent and effective working ductless range hood. This is very basic—but this is what makes it good. It skips all the glamour and bluntly delivers its purpose effectively.

This is constructed from 23-gauge stainless steel and could most certainly last long. This also requires little maintenance, however, its grease-charcoal filter has to be replaced after 6 months.

This is not a heavy-duty hood, however, it can excellently work for your normal everyday cooking. This is really capable of keeping that fresh and odorless air lingering in your kitchen.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy installation


  • Charcoal filter needs replacement every six hours
  • The lighting bulb is not  included

Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Ductless Rangehood

Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Ductless Rangehood

This Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Ductless Rangehood is constructed from brushed stainless steel, ensuring that you’re getting a high-quality and durable range hood. Operating at 720 CFM, this range hood is heavy-duty and powerful.

This has a chimney attachment that can hide the air pipe that runs along your back wall up to your ceiling. One downside is that this could be pretty complicated to install.

This has a five push-button control for the blower and air recirculation options. Moreover, this also comes with LED lights to help you improve your kitchen experience.

This has permanent filters so you can just remove them, clean them, and set it back up. They are dishwasher-safe so you can effortlessly clean the filters. However, hand-washing is still highly recommended.

Its degreasing filters come in two quantities, making this unit really powerful. One downside of this model is that the charcoal attachments, on the other hand, are sold separately.

You can set this as a ducted or a non-ducted style. For a ducted setup, a duct pipe is included with a backdraft damper. For the non-ducted setup, you just have to install it and insert the charcoal filters in the motor.


  • Heavy duty and powerful
  • Convertible
  • Permanent degreaser


  • Challenging installation 
  • Some have complained about the height is shorter than it was portrayed

Key Considerations When Looking For The Best Ductless Rangehood

Buying your ductless range hood could be pretty complicated considering that you have to take note a lot of factors—from your area size to your kitchen aesthetic. However, beyond the things that you would regularly check, there are also other factors that you should look into.

Ductless range hoods truly don’t come at a low price, hence you should make your purchase worth it. Moreover, your pockets won’t be the only thing that would be affected in the long run, but you and your kitchen performance too.

A greasy kitchen and an awful odor lingering around can be really annoying. Also, the odor can stick onto your surfaces and even affect your appliances and other things in your kitchen, thus, you need a trusty range hood that would help you with that.

Type of Range Hood

There are different types of range hood. Identifying which one works for you solely depends on how you want your range to look like and how you want it to sit well in your kitchen.

The magic happens in the kitchen and therefore, you always need that range hood that will not only give you the best performance but will also be aesthetically compatible with your kitchen. After all, it’s going to be there for the long run, eh?


Wall-mounted range hoods are large hoods that take up pretty much a good space above your cooking range. This is installed over your cooking range, instead of under your mounted cabinet.

Having a wall-mounted range hood before the construction of your kitchen will cost you a little less sweat. However, if you’re going to be installing them later on, you might want to remove the cabinet above your cooking range for this to be mounted.

This comes with its own chimney where the air will travel into. For the construction of the vents, they’re usually attached onto your exterior wall.

A wall-mounted range hood has its own pros and cons. For its pros, this type of range is large enough so you know that your kitchen air is completely clean and fresh. There will also be an absence of humidity and wetness and foul odor and smoke.

The cons, on the other hand, include that it is pretty large so installing it in a small kitchen will evidently reduce the number of overhead cabinets that you have installed.

Wall-mounted range hoods are usually considered as ducted because of the vent that they have. However, a lot of brands are already releasing models that can be convertible to either a ductless or ducted type.

If you prefer a powerful wall-mounted ductless range hood, you might want to consider looking into ZLKB-30 ZLKB Range Hood or Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Ductless Rangehood.

Under Cabinet

Compact and easily installed, these under cabinet range hoods may be suitable for you and your kitchen. They’re just the rize of your cooking range, most especially when you’re moving around a relatively small space.

They are directly above your cooking range and under your overhead cabinet (hence the name!). They’re specifically designed to blend in well your kitchen aesthetic, hence they don’t come off too overwhelmingly big.

They’re a spacesaver because they’re small. Also, you get to keep your overhead cabinets too!

Other than being small and compact, another pro of under-cabinet range hoods is they can be easily installed. Always check the reviews though because some brands aren’t just for a common DIY-er to install. 

A con is they can be a little too loud and need regular cleaning. The filters may also need replacement every now and then. 

If you prefer an under-cabinet ductless range hood, you might want to consider looking into Air King AD1306 Ductless Range Hood.

Area Size

The first rule when buying a ductless range hood is measuring your cooking area. The hood should be at least the same size or one size bigger.

The right size ensures that you will have all the smoke and odor from your cooktop covered. Hence, the size matters.

Oftentimes, under-cabinet hoods offer a variation in sizes, while wall-mounted hoods have very limited sizes. Hence, always consider which type you’re going for when your cooktop size doesn’t have the average dimensions.

I suggest looking into Broan Nu-Tone 413004 Ductless Range Hood for their wide range of sizes.


Truly, more powerful means more effective. So, if you do a lot of heavy cooking like steaks and whatnot, then you should look for hoods that are more or less heavy duty.

You will see the measure of power to expect from the range that the manufacturer has placed. This is in CFM units, meaning cubic feet per minute. Hence, the larger the number, the more powerful it is. 

You don’t exactly need a hood with a large CFM if you don’t do much heavy cooking. If you’re just doing regular cooking at home, then you can opt to a smaller CFM (they’re more affordable too!).

Take note that ductless models in general don’t have a big CFM but there are ductless types that are convertible to ducted, which offer a large CFM. Obviously, larger hoods mean more power than the smaller ones.

If you prefer a more powerful CFM, then you might want to look into the Cosmo QS75 Ductless Range Hood. However, if you want a lesser one, you can consider choosing the Air King AD1306.


Most vent hoods make noise when they’re being used. However, newer models took pride in making their hoods less annoyingly loud (but they can be quite loud still on the highest settings). 

If you’re going to visit a physical store, you might want to have the noise checked. However, if you’re buying from an online store, always look into the reviews so you would know which one works best for you.

If you prefer less noise, then you might want to consider looking into the Broan Nu-Tone 413004 Ductless Range Hood.

Ease of Installation

When you’re buying a range hood after your house has already been constructed, it is expected that you’ll be doing some DIY activity. However, if you have some bucks to spare, you can get these installed (but they can be pretty pricey!).

So the best bet is get a ductless range hood that is easy to install. Going for a hood that requires a complicated installation often calls you to hire a professional because it can be tricky and may even damage your appliance.

If you’re planning to purchase an easy installation type of hood, then you might want to consider the Air King AD1306 Ductless Range Hood.


Ductless range hoods are known for having filters that are replaceable. However, with the new technology immersing, ducted hoods can now also be converted to ductless type.

Ductless range hoods often require their charcoal filter to be replaced every six months. However, the filters of the ducted hoods are often permanent—you just have to remove, clean, and set it back!

The carbon filters are very essential when it comes to your ductless hoods. Hence, make sure that you replace them regularly.

If you want a replaceable charcoal filter, you might want to choose the Broan-Nutone 413004 Ductless Range Hood. Take note that buying in bulk will really save you a lot of bucks!

If you prefer a permanent degreaser and filter, you might want to choose the Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Ductless Range Hood instead.

Fan speed

Don’t forget to always look for the fan speed setting. Although there are simple models that don’t have an option for fan speed setting, higher models do—and they’re definitely worth every penny. 

The fan speeds give you versatility when cooking. If you’re planning to cook a light meal, then you can switch it to the weakest fan option. And if you’re planning to do heavy cooking, then the strongest fan option is available.

Some may not want fan options because the stronger the fans are turned on, the louder they are. Honestly, having more than three settings is too many and you might not be able to use each option.

If you prefer many options, then you might want to look into the Cosmo QS75 Pro-Style Ductless Range Hood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless Range Hoods

How often should I clean my filters?

The mesh filters must be washed every month depending on the amount of usage. You can put the metal filters in your dishwasher using a mild detergent. However, I still recommend hand washing them to prevent discoloration and other damages

How high should I mount my rangehood?

This is often found in the manufacturer’s manual. However, they’re usually recommended at a distance of 24”-30”. Some models and brands may vary so verify the actual recommendation through the manual.

Why does my rangehood fan keep turning on and I can’t seem to turn them off?

Some hoods have an automatic feature. When the sensor senses excessive heat or just the hint of gas, the fans can automatically turn on. Once everything comes back to normal, the hood will turn on by itself or will go back to the last setting that you’ve set.


The magic always happens in the kitchen. However, a heavy cooking performance or any greasy activity must not affect your magical experience, hence, you need your mighty hoods to save you.

To get the best one for you, always look for the features that you really want before locking in that purchase. Remember that in the end, your decision must always be based on what you really want, while still ensuring that your hood is giving you the best performance.


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