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I can surely foresee that you’re reading this article because thanksgiving is already around the corner and you’re already searching for prep materials. You don’t have to worry too much with your dinnerware because I totally gotchu!

Paper plates are definitely the go-to tableware when you’re having your picnics or dinner in your backyard. They’re not only easy to clean up, but they’re also more eco-friendly than plastics.

Paper plates are also such a timesaver and stress-reliever because you no longer have to worry about your mountain of dishes after the celebration. Hence, they’re one of the best solutions to keep your get-togethers and thanksgiving fun and your post-cleanup light and stress-free!

To help you with your paper plates shopping, I’ve listed down the must-have thanksgiving paper plates that I find really amazingly helpful. Read on and know what paper plates are worth your money.

Sugarcane Paper Plates

Sugarcane Paper Plates

If you’re the type to stock up paper plates for future uses, other than for your Thanksgiving, then you might want to try the plainly designed paper plates. Going plain could also be your key for going a simple yet classy aesthetic dinner.

These disposable paper plates are made from 100% sugarcane, hence, they have a better quality than the traditional paper. They take pride in their sturdy function and tree-free production.

For those who are worried about sustainability and still say no to the traditional paper plates, then these sugarcane fiber paper plates could have the key to your “yes!” They’re definitely environmentally beneficial and also compostable.

These plates are microwave and freezer safe plates because of their heavy duty quality. They do not contain any plastic or wax lining so it is safe to use for any range of temperatures.

Going for the simple, no design paper plates are the best option if you’re planning to store them for other events. So, you can definitely get these bad boys out of your storage for Christmas!

This comes in good quantity too for such a good price. These also come with two sizes: 75 pieces of 9” and 75 pieces of 7” paper plates.

With options for 150 pieces and 250 pieces, you can definitely have your large dinner parties without having to worry about the post-party mess!


  • Made from sugarcane fiber, thus it is sustainable
  • Good quantity
  • Heavy duty (microwave-safe and freezer-safe)


  • Do not come with any napkins
  • Some may find the size a bit smaller

Autumn Always Be Thankful Paper Plates

Autumn Always Be Thankful Paper Plates

If you’re looking for plates that would give your Thanksgiving dinner a little spice and fun, this Autumn Always Be Thankful Paper Plates better be something you should consider. I mean, they’re just extremely cute and joyful to look at!

These plates have a message of Always Be Thankful scribbled on the surface of the plates—just in case you and your family need that little reminder. This has a beautiful and fun design of leaves all over the plates to heighten the aesthetics.

These paper plates will surely make your cleanup faster and easier. They’re also light and rightly sized (10.5×10.5×0.5)  so you and your guests won’t find it hassle to keep going back to the buffet table.

Another feature these paper plates have is it’s microwave-safe. Hence, if you’re planning to reheat some food for your late guests, then you can put them directly on these plates and serve the food right away.


  • Microwave-safe
  • Fun design
  • Comes with dessert plates and napkins


  • Some may find the weight too light that it can be challenging when used outside

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

What’s a Thanksgiving without the staple turkey on your dinner table? These dinner paper plates are rightly sized for your turkey chops and designed well to keep the classiness of your Thanksgiving dinner.

This pack comes in 16 paper plates with a measure of 10.25×10.25 inches. This also comes with coordinating cards for your fall table decorations. So, set-up a little with these plates and cards and you’re good to go!

Some reviews have commended this plate’s weight. They’re definitely for your backyard dinners and park picnics during windy weather. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Some reviews have commended said that it is rightly weighted
  • Comes with coordinating paper napkins and place cards


  • Some may not like the quantity of the set

Fall Leaves Autumn Red Orange Tableware Dinner Plates

Fall Leaves Autumn Red Orange Tableware Dinner Plates

Bold colors may be your choice of design and I kid you not, these tableware dinner plates are definitely serving you well with its aesthetics (pun intended!). This dinnerware may be something you want to check into because of their good designed plates and it’s also a good quantity.

This tableware kit includes 50 large 10” dinner plates, 6×5/8” dessert plates, and 100 paper napkins. For bigger celebrations, this one’s a total recommendation because of the good quantity (and quality) this set has.

These plates are also heavy duty and they don’t easily tear up. Hence, you are definitely assured that you won’t have your guests getting new paper plates here and there because of constant ripping.

Some have commended its high quality and its good quantity per set. However, despite the oh-so-good reviews, some have complained about the bad chemical odor emitting from the tissues.


  • Good quantity
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes with dessert plates and paper napkins


  • Some have complained about the strong chemical odor from the tissue

Fall Themed Disposable Dinnerware Set

Fall Themed Disposable Dinnerware Set

If you’re planning to have fall-themed Thanksgiving, then this Fall Themed Disposable Dinnerware Set may be your best pick. These aren’t only designed in a very cute and fun way, but they’re also faithful to their dinnerware set promise.

For the 24 guests that you’re serving, each will have a 9” paper plate, a pair of cutleries, a cup, and a napkin. So, you don’t have to worry about washing your utensils after the party because you can easily dispose of everything that your guests use.

These are made in high quality material. The plates are rigid and thick enough to let you carry your food comfortably. The napkins are also constructed to be highly absorbent and soft, making your purchase definitely worth it.

This set is 100% Food grade and BPA-free so you are ensured that your wares are safe to use. They’re also environmentally-friendly because they’re made of biodegradable paper.


  • Comes with utensils, napkin, and cups
  • Cute and fun design
  • Good quantity


  • Some may not like the size of the plate
  • The utensils aren’t environment-friendly because of its plastic material

How To Choose The Best Thanksgiving Paper Plate

Paper plates are one of the least tricky things to buy because they all look almost the same. Moreover, they don’t really differ when it comes to the way they were constructed and with its material.

I totally understand you and I probably share the same sentiments with you in regards to the simplicity of buying paper plates. Oftentimes—no, scratch that—every time I buy paper plates, I never look at the quality…I just put them in my cart and buy.

Buying disposable dinnerware, however, must be something you should also look into because there are various options available. Also, these paper plates could really affect your Thanksgiving dinner—and you definitely don’t want a bad one!

To simplify your buying decisions, I have constructed a short buying guide for you and your paper plate shopping. This could be helpful most especially when you want to achieve that hassle-free and enjoyable Thanksgiving get-together.


When buying paper plates, you should always assess which meal course these paper plates will be used. Of course, you don’t want to buy a paper plate that’s too small for your main dishes and too big for your desserts.

Some paper plates come with a dessert plate in a set, while some don’t. However, you should take note that not all paper plates come with a dessert plate, per se. They may be small plates, but they’re technically not for your desserts.

It is totally okay to use the small plates as dessert plates, don’t get me wrong!. I mean, your dinner, your rules. But take note that small plates can also be used for your side dishes or other viands and using them for your dessert may not be worth your purchase.

If you prefer rightly sized paper plates for your main course, then you might want to look into Autumn Always Be Thankful Paper Plates. They come with dessert plates too!


If you’re planning to buy paper plates that you want to keep in your storage for other events, then you might want to buy the plain or simply designed plates. But, if you want to add a little spice to your Thanksgiving, then you might want to look for those with good and fun designs.

The designs won’t really matter for others because of course they’ll be covered with food later on. But, they’re a good investment when you want to boost your guest’s enjoyment while eating your scrumptious meal.

These paper plates that are designed well can match up your Thanksgiving decor. And if in case you don’t have, these designs are good as well because this will give your guests an impression that you exerted a little extra effort for decor—with your plates!

One downside that can be considered when buying decorated paper plates are they are usually not microwave-safe. Because of the coating used on the paper plates, this could be harmful.

Plain paper plates are generally safe, so they are a safer option. However, plates with coating or design can have harmful chemicals coming from its material that could leak into your food. 

If you’re planning to store your paper plates for future use, you might want to buy the simple, no-design ones, especially when you’re living in a country that has extreme temperatures. Storing your plates for a long run can also be harmful because of the warm temperature.

If you plan to purchase a plain, no design paper plates, then you might want to look into the Sugarcane Paper Plates. But, if you want the classic design for a simple yet classy dinner, then you might want to check into Thanksgiving Turkey Plates.


The quantity is definitely something you should look at most especially when you’re hosting a huge Thanksgiving gathering. If you’re only serving less than 20 guests, then you should definitely buy the 25 pieces set.

Why 25 and not 20? When buying party-needs, I personally recommend buying excess. Maybe you have miscounted or maybe a surprise guest will arrive, regardless, an excess must always be available.

Some may even buy twice the number of expected guests. This is also a good tactic when hosting parties because you’re taking note of unforeseen events like tearing of paper plates and or people opting to use two paper plates instead of one.

If you’re planning to buy a good bulk, then you might want to look into Sugarcane Paper Plates or Fall Leaves Autumn Red Orange Tableware Dinner Plates. But, if you’re adamant to only buying a good number for your small gathering, then you can check Autumn Always Be Thankful Paper Plates or Thanksgiving Turkey Plates.


A good quality paper plate means they’re frigid and they’re not easily folding up. A poor quality of paper plate is such a hassle when going to gatherings because guests tend to double their plates, making it less sustainable and definitely adding up to your expense.

Investing in good and high quality paper plates can ensure that your guests will most likely not switch plates even after tasting all your prepared viands and meals. This is because they don’t get flimsy and they don’t tear.

A poor quality paper plate is also poor in maneuverability. Like, Imagine balancing a flimsy and folding paper plate on one hand and a cup of soda on the other while swerving your way through the crowd.

If you only have a small Thanksgiving gathering that doesn’t require moving your plates and you’re just seated down, you can use the not-so-high quality paper plate. However, I’m still not a fan of it.

Flimsy paper plates are also thin, hence the reason why they’re folding up. So, the oil or any type of liquid from your food will most likely leak onto the table because it could seep through your poor paper plates. So, always go for the good ones!

If you’re planning a good quality paper plate, then I suggest looking into Sugarcane Paper Plates.

Additional Features

Some paper plates are worth the price because they come with a good set that can be really helpful for your post party cleaning. By good set, I mean they come with all the dinnerware that you usually wash after a gathering.

This good set usually comes with utensils, cups, and napkins. So, this leaves you with very minimal dishes to wash after the gathering. 

If you prefer an additional feature such as this, then you might want to look into Fall Themed Disposable Dinnerware Set.

Frequently Asked Questions On Paper Plates

Are paper plates better than plastic plates?

When it comes to the environment, though they’re sustainable and better, paper plates don’t really decompose that much faster like plastic plates. However, they’re still better though and eco-friendlier.

When it comes to foodservice, plastics are leak-proof, cut-resistant, and non-absorbent. Unlike paper, they can easily absorb grease and other food remnants most especially when they don’t have coating.

Are all paper plates microwaveable?

Generally, yes. However, paper plates with design or non-white may be harmful because they can leach chemicals into your food.

Are coated paper plates safe?

Plain paper plate is safe, however, those with coats must not be exposed to any extreme temperature. In short, they are relatively safe however they’re definitely not microwave-safe.


Thanksgiving is such a good celebration and making it worthwhile for you and your guests must be your top priority. Remember that a good celebration is not only about food, but definitely about your guest’s experience.

Improve your guest’s Thanksgiving moment with a good set of plates that will spark joy and comfort. After all, they can’t enjoy your good cooking without good plates!


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