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When inside the kitchen, I don’t just look at the types of the pots that I have or the different spices that I use, but I also look at how they’re stored and kept. Call me nitty gritty but organisation is also one way to improve your kitchen ambiance (and performance!).

I personally hate it when I have to look around just to get that one thing that I need. Hence, thank god for kitchen wall shelves because they make everything visible—and still look pretty.

Kitchen wall shelves aren’t only space savers to keep your counters look clean and organised, but they also add to your kitchen aesthetic. They improve your kitchen look in different styles, while also helping you with your organisation and storage.

To help you with your kitchen wall shelving, I have created a list of 5 must-have kitchen wall shelves to guide you. These could come in handy when looking for your trusty kitchen wall shelf! 

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall

Made from Paulownia wood for a rustic natural finish, this BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall could definitely be worth your money. This uses a triangular design type of mount for a sturdier and fresher look.

The rustic and sturdy Paulownia wood is fumigated to remove any moisture and pests to make it surely long-lasting and durable. On the other hand, the triangular supports are made from high quality steel welded in a good structure for weight bearing capacity.

These triangular support brackets are also powder coated to prevent any rust or paint droppings. In this way, you are assured that your shelves have a good shelf life (get it?).

This includes a set of three shelves, ranging from the smallest size to the largest. With the three different sizes, you can style it any way that you want.

These do not only promote organisation, but this also has a decorative touch with its matte metal brackets. This design is very versatile because you can just flip the board and you can create an illusion of dangling floating shelves.

This gives a contemporary look for your kitchen space. You can store your spices on these shelves, or just use these for mere decoration with your potted plants of spices and whatnot.

This is sturdy and easy to install. With the sizes of 16.5×6×4.8 inches for large, 14.2×6×4.8 inches for medium, and 11.4×6×4.8 inches for small, you can switch these boards and give your kitchen the aesthetic it needs.

These shelves are also wide enough to hold any belongings. Ranging from your spices to your plates and glasses, these floating shelves can definitely cater you.


  • Versatile design
  • Easy installation
  • A set of three size-varied shelves


  • Some didn’t like the feel of the light shelves
  • Some mentioned that they look bigger in picture than the actual

Fab Glass and Mirror Corner Glass Shelf

Fab Glass and Mirror Corner Glass Shelf

You can never go wrong with a cornered shelf with this Fab Glass and Mirror Corner Glass Shelf if your kitchen is relatively small. Though these could be pretty challenging to design around your kitchen, this can sit well when you have found its niche.

This 6”x6” inch (10mm thick) corner glass shelf kit has a flat polished edge and is constructed with high quality tempered glass. You are assured that this is durable enough for your kitchen organisation purposes.

The clear glass is processed to have no air bubbles, hence, this can perfectly suit your kitchen aesthetic. This has a curved floating corner glass shelf kit for easy installation.


  • Processed to have no air bubbles
  • High quality tempered glass
  • Easy installation


  • Some have complained about the quality of the brackets and the screws

Soraken Floating Shelves

Soraken Floating Shelves

Third on our list is the Soraken Floating Shelves which have a classic and rustic finish to give you that retro style. This is 16.1 x 5.5 inches in size and it includes 2 wooden boards, a towel holder, and corresponding screws.

I personally understand the anxiety of your spices and other kitchen materials falling off. Hence, I see why these floating shelves must be part of this list. These shelves have protective guards to keep your things from falling.

This is made from high-quality rustic, dampproof, heat-resistant wood. So, putting this near your gas range will not cause any problems. This is also varnished with epoxy for moisture-proof and mildew-proof treatment.

You also don’t have to worry about its varnish chipping off. This has been carbonized and fumigated for that good finish and for that long-lasting durability.

This has a detachable towel holder for your rags, kitchen towel, and whatnot. The detachable bars make these shelves versatile enough so you can put this up anywhere in your house without it looking like a kitchen shelf.


  • Versatile design; detachable towel holder
  • Protective steel guard
  • The shelves come pre-assembled


  • Some said that the wood that they received are chipped
  • Some didn’t like the type of screws that came with it

TomCare Floating Shelves

TomCare Floating Shelves

Made from 100% natural wood, this TomCare Floating Shelves have an advanced texture that is different from any ordinary lightweight wood board. This is made from a high-quality solid wood to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

With the size of 15.7” x 5.11” x 5.9”, you can use this for your spices, your potted plants, and other decorations for your kitchen. This provides both decorative features and organisation to keep your kitchen together.

This has a classic design of vintageness because of its wood and its bronzed iron lines. These are also easy to assemble, letting you waste no time.

This is pretty small so if you’re looking for a bigger shelf, this is not it. This is perfect for small kitchen spaces—just enough to hold your essential kitchen materials.

This could also be placed anywhere in your house. So, you don’t have to worry about it being for kitchen-use only!


  • Sturdy construction of framing
  • Easy installation


  • Some may not like it because of its small size

KES 30-inch Kitchen Pot Rack

KES 30-inch Kitchen Pot Rack

Constructed with durability and functionality in mind, this KES 30-inch Kitchen Pot Rack is definitely made for your kitchen. Though this is not exactly versatile, you are ensured that your rack is made to withstand all kitchen situations.

This is spacious enough to hold your pots, pans, and bowls in an organized manner. Moreover, this has two installation options to keep your kitchen’s style intact by choosing whether you want to use the mountain brackets underneath the rack, or on top.

This comes with steel hooks that can hang your ladles and other kitchen utensils and materials to free up cabinet space and avoid counter clutter. This also has a classy matte black for a good and pretty design.

This has two mounting halls for convenient installation. This also has dual-anchors for drywall and solid walls. Moreover, its steel crews are heavy-duty and stainless for a long-lasting shelving.


  • Two mounting halls and dual-anchors for convenient installation
  • Specifically made for kitchens
  • Grid design for design and kitchen purpose


  • Some may not like the design

How To Look For The Best Kitchen Wall Shelves For Your Kitchen

Kitchen wall shelves do not only provide more space and do not only tidy up your kitchen counters and cabinets. But, they’re also budget-friendly and you’ll surely save money because you can do your own installation.

There are so many things to consider when buying kitchen wall shelves. Other than looking at the shelves itself, you should also assess your kitchen walls.

Other kitchen walls are hard to install on and knowing which wall you have helps you a lot in discerning which kitchen wall best suits you. By kitchen wall, I do not mean the design, but the screws and the method of installation.

It is always best to look at the design, however, you should also consider other factors. To lift the weight of which factors to consider off your shoulders, I’ve made a buying guide that could really help you.

Design and Style

Different brands, different manufacturers, different shelves, different styles. Always select a style that suits your style, purpose, and also your kitchen aesthetic. You don’t want an object that doesn’t just give off the same vibe around your kitchen, right?

There are models that go with modern decoration style, while some are rustic and vintage. There are also designs that prioritize functionality more than aesthetic. Regardless, the choice is on your court.

If you want an industrial style specifically suited for your kitchen, then you might want to check KES 30-inch Kitchen Pot Rack. However, if you want a versatile design that can be perfect for your kitchen, and anywhere else at your home, then you might want to look into Soraken Floating Shelves.


A wall-mounted shelf is constructed out of different types of materials. Material doesn’t only dictate longevity and quality, but they also name the price. However, despite how costly it could be, you know you’re getting the good ones.

Some materials are used to achieve a certain design, while some are used to prioritize functionality and durability. So, instead of just looking at the design and how good it sits with your kitchen, maybe you should also look at its material.


Glass shelves offer a conventional and modern look. They also offer a good flexibility when it comes to your kitchen design because they’re more often than not transparent than in color. 

They offer a light look in your kitchen because they don’t feel and look heavy and daunting. They are also good aesthetically because they’re lighter to look.

Glass shelves are usually transparent, hence, they give the illusion of disappearing from sight or they don’t look too intimidating. Also, they offer an easier way to identify items on the upper shelves.

When looking for a kitchen item, you sometimes use a ladder or a stool just to look at the very top shelf. With a glass shelf, you can just immediately see everything even when you’re vertically challenged.

As good as it sounds, glass shelves also have disadvantages. One of them is they’re delicate so installing them could be nerve-wracking and challenging. Unlike other materials, once they fall, you can still pick it up and reinstall, but this is not the case for glass.

Though there are tempered glass that have high durability, they’re still not as durable as other materials in the market. If you prefer a glass shelving, then you might want to look into Fab Glass and Mirror Corner Glass Shelf.


Iron, or steel in general, is a good construction material because they both offer durability and good design. More often than not, iron is combined with other materials like wood for a good and interesting appearance.

Some may think that iron or any steel as a construction for shelves are not the best because this is susceptible to rusting and whatnot. However, you don’t have to worry because technologies have advanced, hence they’re now made and coated with different chemicals.

This is non-toxic and could also be considered environment-friendly because this can be recycled unlike other materials. Moreover, this has a high resistance in corrosion. This is important knowing that this will be a shelving for your kitchen.

Iron or steel doesn’t have air bubbles, unlike glass or any type of material. They are also smooth and poreless. Moreover, this also doesn’t crack and is generally resistant to dirt and stain.

One drawback that can be seen from iron or any steel material is that it is susceptible to denting and scratching. However, you can prevent this by watching the weight of the kitchen materials that you store on your shelves.

Another disadvantage is that iron can be pretty expensive. Though there are low-quality iron or steel materials that are present in the market, high-quality ones are generally expensive.

If you prefer an iron shelving, then I suggest looking into KES 30-inch Kitchen Pot Rack. This is not only durable but is also perfect for your kitchen purposes.


Natural wood is probably the best pick among all the materials. They are one of the best materials to use when constructing shelves because they require minimal to no maintenance at all.

This is also resilient to any kitchen elements like water or moisture, hence you are assured that your wooden shelves will last for a long time. They can also withstand any scratch or spilling too.

They’re aesthetically good too. They give off of a rustic feeling for your kitchen space. Regardless of which ambiance your kitchen has, any wood constructed shelves will have a design that can suit well with your kitchen atmosphere. 

With a bad finish or coating, wood can be easily scratched and damaged. Hence, despite this disadvantage, some brand manufacturers are doing their best to construct a wooden shelving that would solve this issue.

If you prefer wood for your shelving, then you might want to look into BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall. This is made from good wood material that will give you that longevity that you desire.


To store heavy items, you should always consider that you need a shelving that is rigid and durable. Other than your installing, the screws and the way it holds the shelves matter too.

Always consider what kitchen items you will be keeping on these shelves. If you are thinking of putting all your pans and pots on these shelves, then a heavy-duty and more rigid shelf must be your best pick.

Heavy-duty shelves are usually made from tempered glass, natural wood, or high quality iron steel. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your items falling and your shelves breaking.

If you prefer this type of shelves, then you might want to look into Soraken Floating Shelves. They cannot only handle heavy items, but they also have a protective steel guard for your items.

If you are only planning to put your spices and kitchen cookbooks on these shelves, then you can resort to the smaller shelving. If you prefer light shelves, then you might want to look into TomCare Floating Shelves.

Size and Shape 

Size matters when looking for a kitchen shelf. Unlike other rooms and spaces in your home, each space in your kitchen is delicate because too much item in one corner can result in a cluttered look.

If you have a good amount of space to spare in your kitchen, then you can look for longer shelves. This can also keep multiple things in an organized matter. This can hold all your plates, bowls, and other utensils too.

When designing longer shelves, though, remember not to overcrowd because it will defeat its purpose of being aesthetically appealing. Also, it also gives a heavy and intimidating impression when looking up.

There are also medium-sized shelves and small-sized shelves that could cater to different things in different manners. But there are also brands like BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall that provides all sizes for you to be creative with!

When it comes to shape, we all know that shelvings nowadays don’t just come in rectangular shapes. There are shelves that maximize all spaces in your wall, including the corners.

This type of shelves are essentially small because they can just cutely fit onto the corner. If you prefer such, then you might want to consider looking into Fab Glass and Mirror Corner Glass Shelf.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Wall Shelves

How can I assemble and mount my shelves onto my plaster walls?

Plaster walls are pretty known for being thick and brittle so if you don’t install your shelves properly, it can fall anytime. To install your shelves, always use the type of right installation tools like the screws and the driller.

Also check the length and the height of the shelf. When you’re putting them on plaster walls, your main challenge is to not drill on incorrect places because the wall is pretty brittle and it could affect the rest of the surface

Can I hang my shelves without having to drill my walls?

You can use hardware tapes, however, the durability isn’t assured. If you hate drilling, you can always buy the one that comes with an easy to install technique.

Are wall shelves high maintenance?

No. You can just wipe it simply by cloth. For some shelves though, you might want to check the manufacturer’s guide because they might have a specific cleaning to not mess with the finishing. 


Kitchen shelves are overlooked by some and often use kitchen cabinets instead because they hide all the kitchen items, hence it’s deemed to be cleaner. However, I beg to disagree because kitchen shelves have their advantages too.

Though they may seem simple, looking for a good shelf for your kitchen could still be tricky because of the different dimensions, installation methods, and designs. Regardless though, the choice is yours to make.

In the end, shelvings make a good organisation and storage for your kitchen items. They do not only expand your storage space, but they also increase your kitchen ambiance. So, make sure to get the kitchen shelves that is what you deem best both in quality and design!


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