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Lionel Messi Refused Saudi Arabia $400 Million Deal to Join Inter Miami

Lionel Messi has been widely regarded as the greatest soccer player in our generation. The Argentinian football legend left Paris Saint-Germain and was expected to either return to his old club Barcelona or sign a $400 million deal to compete in the Saudi Arabian League. In a surprising twist, Messi revealed recently that he would be joining Major League Soccer team Inter Miami.

Multiple reports claim that Lionel Messi has decided to join Inter Miami, and will be playing in the United States during the next MLS Season. The news is huge for US soccer, and the United States as a whole. This global sporting icon brings in new viewers from all over the world. Messi was reportedly offered $400 million to play for the Saudi Arabian League, but the World Cup winner chose to play instead in the US.

Messi received a portion of Apple’s revenue generated by MLS pass subscriptions and he also received a percentage of Adidas’ profits from Messi joining Inter Miami. Multiple reports claim that Messi has been offered the chance to own a stake in Inter Miami after his retirement.

Darius Butler , former Indianapolis Colts defense back, was shocked to hear that Messi had decided to reject a $400-million deal with the Saudi Arabians and play instead in the United States.

Darius Butler’s reaction to Lionel Messi signing with Inter Miami

Darius Butler and Kay Adams discussed Lionel Messi’s historic contract with MLS team Inter Miami during a recent FanDuel Show episode.

Butler said, “I am shocked and surprised. I am really stunned.” “Unbelievable deal for Messi. He’ll get a piece of the apple money and he’ll also be getting a share of the MLS money from Adidas. I’m certain they did all this to prevent him from taking the big paycheck .”

“I was worried because it is hard to refuse 400 million dollars a year, or whatever was offered to Messi. But we are excited in South Florida that good old Messi will be coming to Miami Bay. I’m excited about it. I’ll be there .”

Many people, including former Colts DB Butler, were shocked by the 7-time Ballon d’Or Winner Lionel Messi’s decision to play in America. US soccer fans will be thrilled to see the greatest player in soccer history in action during the upcoming MLS Season.

Darius Butler was a defensive back in the NFL from 2009 to 2012 with three different teams. In his career he recorded 15 interceptions and total 334 tackles. In 2017, he announced his retirement and now works as a Sportscaster for the ESPN Network.


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