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Popular Twitch Streamer Puppers Passes Away at 32

A famous Marcus Aurelius quote: “Death is smiling at us all, and all we can do to smile back” Puppers is a Twitch Streamer who has been very popular. If you’ve ever played Dead By Daylight then you may have seen him. Twitch Puppers is known for his Dead by Daylight streaming. His positive content helped him gain popularity. Puppers was a beacon for positivity, which fans loved. Puppers passed away peacefully at age 32 on the 2nd of June 2023.

Puppers was diagnosed with terminal ALS in 2020. ALS is an incurable disease of the nervous system. Max’s friends Eshleee Sunshine and Silver have been providing him with support and care since then. In 2021 and 2022 they also hosted an online Dead By Daylight Tournament. The tournament was called “Light in the Fog” and became huge in the streamers’ industry.

This tournament was a fundraiser to support his treatment. The fundraiser raised $270,000 to help pay for his treatment between 2021 and 2022. Many famous streamers, such as Mr. Beast is one of the richest streamers in history. The group has asked the community to donate for funeral costs and unpaid medical bills related to his treatment.

A recent tweet on the official Twitter page for the Light in the Fog reads, “Forever in Our Hearts, Eternally Comfortable.” This tweet is referring to Puppers’ famous catchphrase. Puppers would always finish his streams with the phrase “Stay comfortable, because if your comfy, then you’re winning.” Max’s friends and fans are mourning Max’s death and hope that he will finally be at peace.

Goodest Boy Puppers

Puppers, the late Twitch streamer was known for his positivity. Max, the streaming Puppers was loved by his fans and friends. Sunshine, his friend, said in an interview.

Silver, Max’s other friend, said they will “always remember” Max’s laughter and playing Dead By Daylight together. Max was called a beacon of positivity by Eshlee.

Not only his friends but also the official Twitter account of Dead By Daylight sent out a tweet honoring the Streamer. Max’s Twitter account, likely by one of his friends, tweeted: “Puppers/Max love you all very much!” Thanks for your love and support during his career. Making you happy was what he truly lived for.

Twitch Puppers were a favorite among fans and will remain so for ever. The community is devastated by his death, as it mourns the loss of an incredibly positive and gentle soul. He was a great streamer, and he was one of few who spread positivity to everyone. He will forever be remembered and be a legend.


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