Home Sports News Rafael Nadal Undergoes Another Hip Surgery, Concern Raise over His Potential Comeback

Rafael Nadal Undergoes Another Hip Surgery, Concern Raise over His Potential Comeback

Rafael Nadal announced that he had surgery on his psoas on June 2, 2023. The psoas is one of the largest muscles overlying the vertebral columns. The muscle extends down to the lower pelvis. The surgery was an arthroscopy, which is a surgical technique that orthopedic surgeons employ to diagnose and treat joint problems.

The latest news about Nadal’s operation has once again left the tennis community and his fans concerned. The 14-time Roland Garros winner announced two weeks ago that he will miss the French Open this year. Nadal told a press conference held at his academy that the 2024 campaign would “probably” be his last. His old doctor Dr. Philippon performed the procedure in Barcelona, along with Dr. Vilaro and Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro.

Rafael Nadal has only played at the Australian Open in this year, and has been withdrawing from tournaments on a weekly basis to ensure his recovery and fitness. The Spaniard lost in the second round of Mackenzie McDonald’s match at the Australian Open, on January 18, and hasn’t played anywhere since.

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 37th birthday today. His spokesman Perez-Barbadillo stated that he would be able pass on information regarding the operation to the spaniard on Saturday.

Rafael Nadal is still in suspense about his career

Nadal underwent a major surgery to correct his hip problems. The player tried many different methods to heal his hip problems, but only surgery worked. Alex Corretja spoke to Eurosport about Rafael Nadal’s surgery. He said: ” It’s unfortunate that Rafa’s surgery is taking place while Roland Garros is in progress, but it is also a sign of hope. ” To shed some light on the procedure, he said: ” They said they would let us know tomorrow how the surgery went. “

Fans had thought that the player would heal and recover in a normal manner, but the news of the surgery was shocking to everyone. Fans are once again worried about whether the player will be able to recover and compete at his best level. What will be the result of his return?

Rafael Nadal’s ideal comeback would be to win a Grand Slam, preferably French Open. The news of the surgery casts a shadow over whether Nadal, 37, will be able compete at the level he desires. Fitness will determine whether he has a successful comeback from injury or an impressive exit from the sport. The time will tell.


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