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Ronaldo’s Mother Responds to Controversy Trying to Separate Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Dolores Aveiro has responded to reports that she used witchcraft against her son’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo is with the Spanish-Argentinean model Rodriguez since 2016, when they first met in Madrid. The couple now lives together in Saudi Arabia, after Ronaldo terminated his contract with Manchester United in January and joined Al Nassr.

A Portuguese newspaper claimed recently that Aveiro used witchcraft to split the couple. “Dolores Aveiro Accused of Witchcraft to Separate Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriquez,”reads the headline. She claimed that the news article was misrepresented.

Katia Aveiro uploaded the first article criticizing these news: “I opened up a social networking site and found this swill of macabre and lowest news …. This time it won’t go unpunished. The rumors were not reacted to by Cristiano’s older sister, who is tired of false information and has spoken out.

“We live in a time where we can do anything to get liked. This news, this paper, and the content are all horrible. She continued, “My mother is nearly 70 years old and no longer works in the health industry. She has already been through a lot to raise her kids, and I will fight to the bitter end for the person who had the brilliant idea of publishing this ,”. Ronaldo’s mom concluded her statement by saying that she had activated her attorneys to clear the good name of the family.

What is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Dolores?

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro raised Ronaldo and his siblings with Jose diniz Aveiro in the Funchal parish Santo Antonio. She admitted in the documentary film entitled Ronaldo that she had considered an abortion while she was pregnant. She says in the film: “He was a child I wanted to have aborted. God did not want this to happen and because of it, I was blessed. God also didn’t punish.

Ronaldo will make fun of me by saying, “You didn’t even want me born.” You can see now that I am here to help you all. She regularly updates her fans with cute snaps of her and her family.

Her Instagram has an impressive 2.9 millions followers. Ronaldo’s mother spends a lot of time with her grandchildren, and posts pictures to social media that show her caring for them. Ronaldo was always by her side when she suffered from cancer or stroke. She now lives a happy and content life, occasionally visiting her son who is in Saudi Arabia.


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