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Ronaldo’s Sister Protects her Mother and CR7 Amid Black Magic Allegations

Cristiano Cristiano’s Sister Katie Aviero has responded to the claims that black-magic had affected her and brother. She wrote a post on Instagram about the matter.

A Portuguese TV show accused Dolores Aveiro of black magic just a few weeks ago. The Portuguese television show claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother cast a curse on him and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodrguez, which had caused their relationship to be strained. They used black magic to break up their relationship. She didn’t want them to get married or have kids. He told his son that he did not want her to live with him. The host said that Cristiano only takes his children to his mother, not Georgina.

Katie Aviero squelched these rumours by declaring them untrue. I woke up this morning with many messages and videos from some fortune-tellers, from people who directly consulted fortune-tellers to determine if Cristiano was a victim of black magic. I have a good friend who’s a fortune-teller, but I don’t believe in magic. God is in charge of everything. All the videos stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is not protected by black magic, but his father. “Our Father and our faith will protect him and both of us”, said Katie.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodrguez and their family currently reside in Saudi Arabia. They have faced multiple controversies recently regarding their relationship and Georgina’s actions online.

Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Europe

Cristiano Ronaldo, who had terminated his contract with Manchester United during World Cup, made the right choice in signing for Al Nassr Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo’s career has been a mixed one since then. He scored goals, but also had disappointing results.

German media has speculated that the experiment may be nearing its end. Markus Schon, an incredibly wealthy businessman has taken it upon himself to finance Ronaldo’s move to Bayern Munich. He has reportedly already informed Oliver Kahn of his plans. It is not clear how eager the German giants will be to move.


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