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Shakira’s Son Milan Played Piano in her New Song ‘Acrostico’

Shakira launched a new song “Acrostic”, where the Colombian singer gave a loving message to Milan and Sasha, in return for this song. She boasted about the artistic abilities that her son Milan inherited from her. On several occasions, she recorded him playing piano, drums, and handling consoles.

She has had to deal with one of the most difficult years of her career. Her media separation from ex-footballer Gerard Pique kept her in the spotlight, and she was harassed by the media not only while in Spain, but also when in Miami. Shakira’s songs have empowered women, in addition to her winning awards and breaking Guinness Records.

Lexus, the producer of “Acrostico”, commented that Milan requested to be the one who played the piano in the song after Shakira had shown them the lyrics to her song. She would have nodded yes without thinking. In an interview, she spoke about her hopes, her expectations before becoming famous, and her desire to keep her family stable and united.

It didn’t take long for her fans, celebrities and music industry members to react. The Colombian singer, who has recently been separated from Pique and divorced, is a global phenomenon. Her new releases following her divorce have also propelled her up the charts of the most popular streaming platforms around the world.

Shakira’s Ailing Mom Says Gerard Pique is ‘Still family’ After Shock Hospital Visit

Shakira and her family moved to the US more than a week ago. According to reports, the Colombian singer was forced to leave Barcelona when she received an eviction letter from Gerard Pique’s father. Shakira has apparently cut off all ties with the Mebarak family after the brutal treatment they received at the end.

It’s quite obvious that the Pique clan never liked the Mebaraks. A shocking video was recently posted on social media. Both families posed for a family photo. On the other side of the picture, the soccer veteran and his mother were accompanied by the singer’s family. Montserrat Bernabeu, however, shockingly ignored them and turned the cold shoulder.

William Mebarak, who suffered a head injury in 2022 after a fall, is now being treated in America. Gerard Pique, according to recent reports visited William at the hospital. This gesture stunned the media and paparazzi. Shakira’s mother initially opposed the statement, but she reluctantly spoke a few words. She replied, “Yes, he did come.” We are still a family. “I think I have a great relationship with him. I must have one because we haven’t had any fights”.


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