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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Options on a Budget

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and mom deserves a little break or at least some appreciation. This mini-gift guide focuses on clever, budget-friendly gift ideas for moms.

A unique phone case decorated with Japanese decoden style adornments is one of the affordable gifts featured below. Another is a inexpensive fitness tracker. And even a cute recipe book with cat-inspired cakes and cookies. You can make her Mother’s Day memorable by giving one of these gifts.

Even if you order a gift late, the feeling will be worth it.

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

Lego Orchid

Lego’s version is a better option for moms who don’t have a green thumb. It’s a fun experience that won’t be ruined by lack of water. The 608 piece kit is easy to assemble and includes a cute pot for mom to display her new plant.

Apple AirTag

A little help tracking keys or a bag can go a long way for moms who have a lot to deal with. If your mom has an iPhone or an iPad, an AirTag is a great low-cost present that allows her to keep track of her most important belongings.

AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

It’s overkill to make a pot of coffee if you only need a single cup. AeroPress is an easy-to-use manual brewer which can make a great cup of coffee or even up to three espressos when you are away from home. These are great for camping, and other types of travel too, especially if the coffee you get at hotels is not to your taste.

Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, 2.5KmAh

A magnetic power bank can be a useful accessory for everyday charging if your mother has a MagSafe compatible iPhone. The 2,500mAh Belkin BoostCharge can be used for small-to-medium top-ups and is compact enough to fit into a purse or bag. It’s great that mom won’t need to carry a cable with her — just stick it on the back of her smartphone and she can go.

The game of growing plants is a lovely boardgame

Tabletop games no longer revolve around antiquated real estate or complicated dungeon-crawls. Two to five players compete in Planted to grow the most houseplants. The game is easy to play, great for families, and has a zen-like vibe. You can also pretend to keep a mistletoe plant alive if you’re not able to do so in real life.

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves

Get the best gloves for moms who have green thumbs. Gold Leaf gardening gloves have been used by the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain and Buckingham Palace’s professional gardeners. These gloves are a great reminder to mom that she should feel appreciated and posh, even if she is dirty in the yard.

Coowoz Large Travel Backpack

Traveling requires a stylish, functional backpack. Coowoz’s lightweight backpack comes in a variety of pleasing colors and can hold a lot, including an 14-inch computer. The interior is large enough to fit clothes and shoes, as well.

StylusHome pen for iPads

The second-generation Apple Pencil, while a nice accessory, is overkill for those who want to draw or take notes with their hands. StylusHome ‘s third-party stylus offers the same experience as the Apple Pencil, but with a few small compromises.

An adorable decoden-style phone case

Cases for phones are a thing of the past. Few are as adorable as those that are dripping in the -decoden aesthetic. The word “Decoden”, which is derived from the Japanese words “denwa”, or “phone”, means “decorated”. Cases with a lot of cute tchotchkes can block wireless charging but they are still so adorable.

Madewell MWL Keeta Sport Sunglasses

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a pair of stylish sunglasses. The Keeta Sport Sunglasses are lightweight enough to wear for a casual bike ride or run, and stylish enough to go out on a spring evening.


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