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The Most Popular LGBTQ+ Characters in Video Games

Now that Pride Month has arrived, gaming companies are ready to release their Pride Content. Video game companies often release LGBTQ+-friendly content during Pride Month. Many competitive games have Pride-related events or goodies in their game. A prominent LGBTQ+ character is featured in almost all AAA titles. The story of the game is a big part of their existence. Video games with LGBTQ+ characters are more inclusive and make the game more exciting.

Pride Month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. Video games are not an exception. Video games featuring LGBTQ+ characters are increasing in number, and with good reason. These characters are role models and can be used to represent LGBTQ+ gamers. They can also normalize LGBTQ+ identity for all.

Many games include Pride content. Valorous and Overwatch are two examples of these games. These activities are also appreciated by players worldwide. It not only shows that the company supports them, but it also gives the community a positive public image. List the ten best LGBTQ+ characters in video games of all time.

Ellie Williams (The Last of Us).

Ellie Williams, the protagonist of the Last of Us is first in the list. Ellie Williams is a lesbian in the game. She is immune from a fungus that has devastated the world. She is an expert survivor, and a loyal friend. Her relationship with Riley is also one of the key relationships in the game. Ellie’s inclusion in The Last of Us made it more diverse.

Alex Chen (Life is Strange : True Colors).

Alex Chen is the character that appears in Life is Strange 2. Alex is bisexual. She is able to manipulate and feel the emotions of other people. She is kind, empathetic and always willing help others. She is also in a relationship with Steph who is bisexual and is both a DJ/musician.

Dorian Pavus

Let’s discuss Dorian Pavus, a classice LGBTQ+ video game character. Dorian is gay. He is a judge in the Inquisition court. He is charming and witty. Dorian’s homosexuality is an important part of his Dragon Age: Inquisition story. He is open and honest about his sexual orientation, but he also faces violence and discrimination. He never gives up his dreams. His story is a positive portrayal of a gay person.

Judy Alvarez (Cyberpunk 2077)

Judy is bisexual. She is a character who plays a secondary role in the game. Judy is a police officer in Night City. She is smart, tough and willing to fight for her beliefs. Her sexuality is also a major factor in determining what gender we choose to play as. No matter if our character in the game is male or female, we will still develop a relationship. Give to by CD Projekt Red added spice to a plot that was already very immersive.

Raze and Killjoy

Valorant is a deep-rooted FPS that stands out from the rest of the competitive games without a story. There’s a relationship between Raze and Killjoy, two of the in-game characters. Raze and Killjoy have a relationship. Raze, a Brazilian demolitions expert is also a couple. Killjoy, a German woman with a knack for technology, is also a member of the Valorant Protocol. Both are members of the Valorant Protocol – a team made up of elite agents that fights a global threat. Raze is bisexual, and Killjoy pansexual.

Anthony Prince (Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony) Gay Tony (Grand Theft Auto IV – Ballad of Gay Tony).

We’ll talk about another LGBTQ+ classic character from GTA IV. This character’s name is Anthony Price, also known as Gay Tony. Gay Tony, as the name suggests, is a homosexual man. He is the owner of a nightclub and Niko Bellic’s friend. Tony is charismatic and charming. He also knows how to enjoy himself. He has a romantic relationship, with Luis Lopez. Luis Lopez is Gay Tony’s bodyguard and is bisexual.

Tyler Ronan (Tell Me Why).

Tyler Ronan is one of two protagonists in the Tell Me Why game. He is kind, compassionate and strong. Tyler is an incredibly supportive and loving brother. He is always there to support his sister Alyson. Tyler is a gifted artist who is constantly looking for ways to express himself. Tyler’s story in Tell Me Why involves self-discovery, growth and acceptance of himself.

Alloy (Horizon Series)

We didn’t discover the sexuality until we received a DLC package. Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist, Alloy, is a young girl who grew in a world after the end of humanity. She is not interested in romantic relationships, but rather focused on saving the world. She does, however, form close relationships with other characters such as her mentor Sylens and her friend Rost. Aloy is romantically involved with Beta, a female character in the Forbidden Western DLC. They kiss and sleep together. Fans were shocked to learn that this had never been known before the DLC.

Birdo (Mario Franchise)

This was not unexpected. Birdo, a character from the Mario series, is a pink dinosaurier who prefers male pronouns but identifies herself as ‘female. Birdo was portrayed in some games as Yoshi’s love interest. Their sexuality was never explicitly stated. In the Japanese version of the film, Birdo is called “Catherine”, and it’s stated that the character wishes to be female. This suggests that Birdo is transgender.

Parvati Holcomb, The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment is credited with this video.

Parvati, a character from the Outer Worlds is a young lesbian woman. She has a relationship, Junlei Tennyson, with another member of the crew on Unreliable. Parvati is kind and compassionate, always willing to assist others. She is a talented engineer and an important member of the crew.

These LGBTQ+ characters in games add to the storyline and plot. The inclusion of such characters in games shows the player base that the company supports all communities. It is an exciting month, with a variety of content. Gamers can also take part in these events and show their inclusivity.


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