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Twitch Amouranth Strikes Back at Viewers for Getting Mad on Price of Gas at her Gas Stations

Kaitlyn Siragusa, also known as “Amouranth”, is a Twitch content creator and Twitch streaming star. American adult star Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has millions of fans and an enormous income stream through her deals with popular brands and streaming platform. Amouranth purchases are interesting and perfect for business ventures. Her purchase was the ‘Kum and Go Gas Station’ in Iowa State. The actress has invested around $8 million in the relatively new gas station chain.

The streamer has been putting in a lot more thought to going into the Gas Station Business since 2021. Kum and Go, a chain of gas stations that are only available in America and mainly located in Iowa and Oklahoma state. Amouranth also owns Circle K Station Gas Stations. Amouranth was criticized for the fact that Gas prices are only going up. Many people have blamed her for the increase in fuel prices. Amouranth is now subtly addressing the people who are making a big fuss over this issue.Amouranth defends stance against Gas Stations.

Amouranth clarifies the rising gas prices at Gas Stations

Amouranth responds to fans who accuse her of increasing gas prices in her Gas Stations.

In a recent podcast, She said on the 100 Thieves cast YT channel she revealed how the station works. She clarified the issue of getting backlash over rising gas prices. Amouranth claimed that she does not own Gas Station. She only owns the building and land on which it is located. The company then rents the land and building to operate their Gas Station. Technically, she does not have any say in the decision of the gas price or its manipulation. Since a long time, The Streamer has diversified her investments with new portfolios and businesses.

Amouranth said further that

People get mad at me on Twitter saying it’s my fault.” I get angry on Twitter when people say it’s my problem ,”. . “I don’t control the price of gas,”.

Gas Stations are estimated to receive around 1000 cars per day, which gives them a boost in sales and profits. Gas Station is a big bet for Amouranth due to the rising gas prices. Amouranth was trolled by some fans for investing in Gas Stations. She has done the same on her Twitter account, as shown below. Amouranth has no say over the price policy of her company, other than the land or infrastructure that she owns. Amouranth’s new ventures beyond investing in Gas Stations would be fascinating to watch. Fans should be sure to keep up with all the action.


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