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Twitch Changes Branded Content Guidelines Reddit

Twitch is always in the news. The new guidelines implemented by the platform have caused a stir that cannot be ignored. Twitch’s move has angered many people, including celebrities. Twitch has changed its brand guidelines.

Sponsored streaming is the number one revenue source for Twitch, and it’s also the top revenue generator for streamers. The majority of the profits made by streamers are due to sponsored streaming. Twitch may have planned to add new guidelines for its operation to further target the same sponsored stream. It was finally released on June 6.

The internet was enraged and unhappy as soon as the guidelines became public. Fans and players who are often glued to Twitch streams can read this article to get the latest news.

Twitch streaming criticizes the new guidelines

It is easier to understand. These new guidelines are applicable to all streamers who receive payment from any organization or entity to promote and advertise their services or products. The guidelines can include playing a game sponsored by a streamer or consuming drinks or food products by any company.

Under the hood, you will find new guidelines. Twitch has the final say on categorizing branded content. This is a very bad thing. The streaming giant Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has this exclusive right. The streamers won’t have any say in this matter. This is not going down well with the streamers or other content creators. Twitch has been hit with a massive backlash due to the new guidelines. Big names such as Mr. Beast has also weighed in on the hot topic.

Mrbeast also mocked Twitch, by roasting their new guidelines. He responded in a funny manner.

OTK, who has been a supporter of the Twitch streamers for dissing and backing them up, has announced their own decision to leave Twitch .While MrBeast, OTK and other big players take a shot at Twitch’s unjust streaming guidelines, these actions will ultimately be beneficial to Kick.

Twitch makes a U-turn with their new guidelines

Twitch has taken a backseat due to the uproar and criticism from the community regarding the new guidelines. Twitch issued an apology via Twitter a few hours after releasing the new guidelines.

There are many players who have threatened to leave Twitch, including MrBeast. Even OTK may be leaving the platform due to the growing threat of its rules.

Twitch apologized for creating confusion and frustration. We don’t intend to limit the ability of streamers to establish direct relationships with sponsors. And we understand this is a key part of how they earn revenue .”

“We will revise the guidelines in order to make them more clear. We missed the mark when we wrote the policy. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing. Once we update the language .”, we’ll let the community know.

The current situation is volatile, with Twitch tracing back their moves and public outrage. It will be fascinating to see how this situation develops.


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