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Velocity Gaming Reveals their BGMI Roster!

BGMI has been on the rise. Players can’t resist making a return to the game after its unbanning. Various teams are getting ready to compete in upcoming tournaments after the BGMI Rising Party Championship. BGMI is a platform that everyone wants to be a part of. Team Velocity is aiming to be the best in BGMI. Team Velocity Velocity Gaming reveals the BGMI roster.

They’ve made some good changes in the new roster, which will be able to take on the competition of other teams and the heat they bring. Velocity Gaming has improved its performance with the addition of new members to their team, Punk and Immortal. Their squad is already full of pro players such as Aimbot and Octavius.

Velocity Gaming finally announced their brand new roster. On social media, Velocity Gaming announced “Unleashing ultimate gaming force”. Velocity Gaming is proud to introduce the stellar Battleground Mobile India lineup, which includes the incredible skills of Punkk. Immortal. Aimbot. and Octavius. Prepare yourself for mind-blowing strategy, electrifying gameplay, and heart-pounding combat. Join us on an exciting journey to conquer virtual battlegrounds .”

Velocity Gaming BGMI team

Velocity gaming has been a popular eSports squad in BGMI for many years. They aim to improve on their previous BGMI standings. Velocity Gaming is also keeping tabs on the other contenders who have a talented BGMI team, and this will help them achieve their goals. Take a look at Velocity Gaming’s new roster for their BGMI team.

  • Ashutosh Singh, “Punk”,
  • Harsh “IMMORTAL” Shrivastava
  • Aimbot
  • Krish “Octavius”

Team Punk finished 7th at the finals of BGMI Rising Party Championship. They were in the D-group and they had their eyes on them at all times. They could not match the intensity of the finals and their opponent was backed in a corner. It was a very disappointing performance, given the brand name and resources the team had behind them. With new changes made, the team will be able to perform well in the next tournaments.

Recent Velocity Gaming endeavors

The team is currently working on the series to climb the ladder. The team’s position in the Grand Finals is promising.

Players are on edge, making the most out of their chances since the prize for the tournament is 7,00,000. Velocity Gaming also competes in the Skyesports Champions Series. The team was invited to compete and received a prize of 25,00,000 Rupees.

Velocity Gaming’s success will be based on their young team members, and the talent they possess. The company, along with 18 other teams invited to participate, will compete in the qualifiers on June 7 and 8. Only the six best finishers from the qualifiers will make it through to the semi-finals.

Punk and immortal used to be members of Team XO. The young players, who have found a new home with Velocity Gaming, are eager to make their mark at the upcoming BGMI tournaments.

Which of the following are the latest Velocity Gaming signings?

Ashutosh ‘Punk’ Singh and Harsh IMMORTAL Shrivastava have been signed by Velocity Gaming for the BGMI team

Who else is on the Velocity Gaming roster of players?

Aimbot, Krish “Octavius”, and the rest of the BGMI roster are Velocity’s remaining team.

To which team did Punk & IMMORTAL previously belong?

Punk and Immortal used to be members of Team XO


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