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Wanda Nara’s Ex Mauro Icardi Gifts Himself a Multimillion Dollar Luxury Car on his Wedding Anniversary

Mauro Mauro shared on his social media account photos of the most expensive purchase he has made. On his wedding anniversary, the striker of Galatasaray SK gave himself a million-euro car.

On the 27th of May, Mauro Nara, host of MasterChef Argentina, was surprised by Mauro. He gave Wanda Nara a gift to celebrate their anniversary. Wanda Nara posted on Instagram to thank Icardi for his gifts.

The Galatasaray SK player bought himself a gift that is so expensive, most people cannot afford it.

Mauro Mauro Icardi decided to purchase one of the most expensive automobiles in the world after the dispute with a third party. The player purchased an ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce Boat Tail, which is unique in its boat-tail and hand-built design.

The car that Wanda Nara’s ex-husband purchased features leather seats, a convertible transparent roof, and curtains to provide some privacy. The car is a luxurious model with chrome and wooden finishes.

The new Icardi car measures 5.80 meters long and is available with four seats. The Rolls Royce is built on an aluminum platform with a V12 engine that has 563 CV. The price is what attracted media and fans.

The Rolls Royce Boattail that Wand Nara’s former husband purchased is estimated to be worth between 23 and 25 millions euros. In dollars, that’s $24 million to $26 million.

This is one of the most extravagant and expensive gifts that Mauro gave himself for his wedding anniversary. He didn’t hesitate after purchasing the car to post photos of it on Instagram. Icardi’s fans are shocked at his big purchase but congratulate him in the comments.

Mauro Icardi may play for Juventus in the future

Juventus has been speculating for some time about how to get a deal done with Icardi. The club is searching for a Dusan Vlahovic replacement. The higher authorities at the Italian giants believe that Icardi would be the perfect replacement.

Currently the player is under a loan agreement with Galatasaray SK. Icardi is a star in the Turkish League and he has won the league title. Juventus is interested in signing the Argentine due to his ability to score goals and mentality.

The higher authorities at the club told us that “Icardi is unquestionably one of Europe’s best strikers.” If we add him to the squad, he will score for us. We do not want to hear about his troubled private life. It brings negative publicity wherever he goes. “We already have enough problems and don’t need him or his drama at the Allianz Stadium.”


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