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What Happened to John Bachman Check All the Insights

TV journalism boasts many influential individuals that create stories with lasting impacts for audiences. John Bachman stands out among them. As anchor at Action News Jax he makes waves within the industry.

Who Is John Bachman
John Bachman has worked in multiple television markets as a reporter, producer and anchor since 1986 in Atlanta, Augusta Georgia and West Palm Beach Florida – performing assignments for CBS News, CNN News and Fox. Due to his expertise and experience he is often sought-out to cover stories for these networks.

Bachman Interned at Newsmax Jon joined Newsmax, a premier media and news organization, as an intern in 2011. As a journalist he showcased his versatility by traveling throughout the U.S. covering stories while producing documentaries commissioned by Newsmax magazine (for which Bachman won an award). Additionally he created one honoring 40 American Heroes that ran with special issue of Newsmax Magazine which also received attention at award ceremonies around the country.

Bachman caused great uproar during a 2016 news segment concerning an arrest for punching Swan. Bachman made an offensive gesture and inferred off camera that he may be smoking marijuana off camera; as soon as this momentous footage surfaced he received harsh criticism and apologized both publicly on television as well as via social media, including Twitter.

Bachman Enjoys Wide Support While initially critics may have found Bachman’s behavior amusing, many later came around and saw it as an attempt at lightening things up for his colleagues. Laura Mallard expressed her appreciation for Bachman through their actions which she felt had made them appreciate him more; Brian D, another Twitter user pointed out that professionals make mistakes just like anyone else; what matters is their reaction when something goes wrong.

Where does John Bachman reside?
John and Jen Bachman call St. Johns County in Northeast Florida home. It provides them with ample opportunity for peaceful upbringing of their daughters while remaining easily accessible from urban centres such as Jacksonville.

John Bachman Is Still Making an Impact As the Evening Anchor on Action News Jax, John Bachman is still making waves within Jacksonville as an evening anchor on WJAX from 5 pm – 6 am and on WFOX from 6:30 am and midnight daily – providing Jacksonvilleers with comprehensive local and national stories coverage. He can be seen hosting weekday newscasts between WFOX at 6:30 am and 10:00 am as a host on Action News Jax.

John Bachman has made his mark as an anchor by upholding professional standards with integrity throughout his journalism career. Recovering from controversy while continuing to deliver impactful stories is testament to Bachman’s devotion as an anchor, providing timely information that impacts Jacksonville viewers despite any difficulties they might present themselves with.


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