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Wrestling Crisis is Over, Athletes Must get Back to Work, Twitter

It is only natural that you’re confused about the Indian wrestler crisis, which has been going on since 2023. The good news: the crisis is over. There will be no street protests or street optics. You won’t see any river optics along the Holy Ganges at Haridwar.

The last few days have seen some very intelligent and significant developments. It is well-known that the three dramatis persons in the entire episode, Bajrangpunia Sakshi malik and Vinesh phogat, had to finally back off.

The entire wrestling crisis taught sports fans one thing for sure: Don’t believe the narratives in social media or the agenda-driven “journalism,” which is practiced by some TV channels and media organizations. The reality is different than what is shown on TV, and it is also very different from the events of these last few crucial days.

All the bizarre allegations that the Indian government didn’t care about Indian wrestlers or their “betis” are nonsense. The Indian government cares about elite athletes, and it does so best. These athletes were in the wrong from day one. It is important to find out who was behind these wrestlers in January 2023 and if they were the ones to instigate them. These wrestlers were beyond imagination, as they had all won medals and been decorated.

In a democratic society, protesting and expressing anger are both allowed. Fake news, changing narratives, and false accusations are not allowed. It is not just the wrestlers who are guilty, despite the perception that they only speak the truth. Let’s start with the basics. The mood was gloomy when the first protests were held in January. The people did hear the wrestlers. It was alarming when the next protest occurred at Jantar Mantar and a minor was also dragged into it.Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

Several sources have reported that there was no minor wrestler traumatized. Second, even if a minor wrestler has suffered “harassment”, the complaint was withdrawn. The case is a failure if this is true, as several agencies have reported. The ” arrest Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh ” campaign has reached a shrill level.

The law is being followed, and all those who “campaigned”, including wrestlers, media, etc., against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh need to be aware of this. Delhi Police is conducting its investigation, so shouting “arrest him!” by the public, media and wrestlers was overboard.

Wrestlers must now focus on their career.

Anurag Thakur, Union Sports Minister, with wrestlers Bajrang punia, Vinesh phogat, Babita phogat, Sakshi malik, and Ravi Dahiya at a January press conference held at his home.

It was fascinating to see on Monday that the Twitter handles of wrestlers said they were being pressured and their “jobs” were threatened. Again, this is hyperbole. There are rules for service when one works at the Indian Railways, any state government or PSU.

It was good if the rulebook was thrown to the wrestlers. Taxpayers’ money should not be spent on people who don’t work. India is facing an employment crisis due to a gap between demand and supply on the job market. Wrestlers were wrong to believe they would get paid to protest.

Idealistically, the wrestlers would have returned to their national camps a long time ago. The Holy Ganges is where their egos belong, not the medals that they won for India. The wrestlers must move on from the drama of the past few months. Unfortunately, the Delhi Police has now charged these wrestlers for jumping the barricades that were put up by cops the day Prime Minister NarendraModi inaugurated the new Parliament Building.

Wrestlers need to realize that every word they say in front of television cameras, cell phones, and other devices can be used against them. It was mindless for them to abuse the Indian government’s leaders. Who made these wrestlers go so full-tilt at the Indian government? Farmers, farmer unions, khaps? The wrestlers are aware that they must focus on their career again.

Career is a term used to describe a return to wrestling. They must be in national camps and they must train. They cannot be written off as a spent force. Give it your best effort. India is preparing to compete in the Asian Games, which will be held in Hangzhou in China in September, and for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. What’s stopping Bajrang Sakshi and Vinesh to resume training? Guys, let’s move on.

You can always go back to work if you feel you’ve had enough of sports. In life, there are no free meals.

Was the Indian government indifferent to the Indian wrestlers’ interests? That’s a lie. The wrestlers were heard by everyone, from the Union Home Minister Amit Shar and Cabinet Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Takur.

Have faith in the Delhi Police. The investigation is still ongoing.

Let’s talk about the Wrestling Federation of India elections that were delayed. The Indian Olympic Association’s ad hoc body must hasten the process of putting the electoral process in motion. Why should India allow the International Olympic Committee and United World Wrestling to dictate what India must do for the sport and its athletes? India has always looked after its elite athletes. From training to winning medals and national awards, India has taken good care of them.

Now it’s up to the wrestlers who were misled to make amends. If that is the correct phrase, they deserve a second opportunity.


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